The wheelie car at Goodwood 2007

the gold wheelie car at goodwood 2007 Very Loud

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Hemi Under Glass Last Ride
After 39 years at the wheel of one of the most famous and unusual cars in drag racing, the Hemi Under Glass, Bob Riggle decided to hang it up. We were there to capture the last runs of this iconic car and the driver who thrilled crowds at drag strips all over the country.

whelie car ?
bob riggle wheelie car

Motorcycle accident when filtering.
Brief description of what happened. I was behind traffic which was slowing down to a crawl so i preceded to filter. While doing so a VW quickly indicated and pulled out as soon as the brake lights come on the car in front so he could overtake and turn right up ahead. Ride safe people.

Bored at Work - Small Chevy Vega Wheelie on pavement.
This is what happens when you take a bunch of horsepower junkies on a saturday who gets bored at work. Blown Alcohol Chevy Vega!