turbo 5.3 rx7 leaving on the transbrake

Ended up cracking the oil pan on this pass.

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Built LS2 C5 vs C6, Cobras, Turbo 5.3 RX-7 .mp4
November 9th 2012 Another Fun Weekend

turbo 5.3 70 chevelle
short drive, spins first and 2nd.. stock 5.3 ,needs tuned 6lbs..will be tuned for 14lbs 76mm turbo.. magnum

Jake99 Turbo 4.8 vs 03 Silverado w/turbo 5.3
Racing in Mexico 4.8 was on E85 and 12#s and the 5.3 was on 91oct w/watermeth and 10#s both 2 people in the cabs and both on 20" wheels

Kansas City (KCMO) Street racing Spring 2012
This is just a couple nights of racing. More to come!