BMW 325i compact

325i compact with m3 diff and sub frame conversion.

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e46 325 ti drift
e46 325ti drift

BMW E46 325ti Compact - Top speed vmax (downhill!)
Just to be clear: Road went downhill quite steep at the end of the video. Probably 8-10%. Footage was taken on German Autobahn A5 Frankfurt - Kassel, near Rasthof Wetterau.

How to build a BMW M3ti in 7 minutes
In just over 7 minutes, using parts from and a wrecked E36 M3, Robert Phelan of turns his BMW 318ti into a fire-breathing M3ti or 318tiM or 332ti. Whatever you call it, its cool, its fast and its fun! Whether as radical as this build, or as simple as a tune-up or brake pads, you too can do it with OEM, aftermarket and performance auto parts from

Bmw 325i e36
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