Lexus LFA 24h Nur - Crazy Doughnut

Photos: Class winner of 2010 24 hours Nurburgring race. The actual driver of the race performed doughnuts in a small parking lot in Tokyo! [Car Info] - Name: 2010 GAZOO Racing Lexus LFA - Team: Gazoo Racing II - Race Category: 2010 ADAC 24h Rennen Nürburgring - Race Result: SP8 Class Winner (NA 4,000cc - 6,250cc cars) [Spec] - Size: 4,455 x 1,950 x 1,200mm (original LFA: 4,505 x 1,895 x 1,220mm) - Wheelbase: 2,605mm - Weight: 1,450kg (original LFA: 1,480kg) - Engine Displacement: 4,805cc (4.8L V10) - horsepower: 500ps or more - Rev Limit: 9,500rpm - CFRP bodykit - Transmission: Paddle Shifter Sequential MT - Tires: 330/40R18 [Official Website] - Gazoo Racing: - 24H Race Result:[uid]=26561&cHash=c5abe49fce

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Lexus LFA Nur - デモ走行 ノーカット版 / メガウェブフェスタ 2011
2011/08/28開催 MEGAWEBフェスタでのLexus LFA Nur のデモ走行、ノーカット版です。 ニュルブルクリンク24時間レース用の青ランプ、エンジ 音に注目です。 パッシング走行のため、特別に2回走行しています。

TOKYO DRIFT in お台場4/14開幕 #lovecars #d1 #LFA #86 #d1gp
TOKYO DRIFT in お台場4/14開幕 トヨタ86 toyota86 LEXUS LFA Drifting GT86 FR-S RX-7 mazda

Lexus LFA vs. Porsche Carrera GT Sound Comparison - Which Sounds Better?!
This is a video I made to compare the sounds between two of the best sounding V10 powered cars ever made; The Lexus LFA 4.8 liter VVT-i V10 and the Porsche Carrera GT 5.7 liter V10. It's a tough choice because both sound amazing, but this video may help you decide which one sounds better! Follow me also on: - Facebook: - Google+: - Twitter: - 2nd Car Channel:

Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA Exhaust Sounds and Burnouts
Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA revving up to the limiter and taken on a short circuit with some burnouts and donuts. Turn your speakers up because this thing sounds fully mental!! Subscribe and check out our channel for more Jap automotive videos! Like our Facebook page to get all the latest videos direct to your news feed: On web: Follow us at: Content sourced under CC license. Original footage by wingpartners.