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SVX Tribute - The Pretender
Note: the end of this video is 7 minutes of the end logo, so disregard the last 7 minutes of my video. It was just an unfortunate side effect from trying to convert this video into the highest quality I can get on youtube. Anyways... I Just recently bought a 1994 Subaru SVX LSi AWD, and I'm basically in love with it. So much so that I want to share my love to the world via this little music-based promo vid I made, once again, in my spare time. The song is the Foo Fighters' new single "The Pretender" and I think It has a nice way of complementing the uniqueness generally attributed to this vehicle. It may look like a weird car to some, but to those who know better, it's pretty much a passion. I know the name says "Azura" in the video, but the cars actual name is "Neptune" for those who care. Hahaha, I could've named it Poseidon, but i don't want my car rolling anytime soon. It's been awhile since I posted a video, but I hope to make room with my college schedule now, and perhaps I'll have more! Just lemme know what you think of my stuff, anything you have to offer compliment, critique, or rating-wise is greatly appreciated!

SVXオーナーズクラブ 第8回中国地区オフラインミーティング
SVXオーナーズクラブ 第8回中国地区オフラインミ ーティング

1th off
2012年10月14日に瀬戸中央自動車道与島PAで行われた、 6&BRZ中四国オーナーズクラブ第1回オフライン ーティングの模様です。

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