faisal bacha supra

Promo shot for Just Drive show , soon to be aired on ARY

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burn out theme
karachi underground daring drivers and their real life activity have been shot for the first time.the true motor sports show for the street car racing lovers.i want to thank all of my friends who give their performance in this show specially irshad, faisal, faraz, salman, lamia, khusro mirza and tahir (ocean traders) , tariq and last but not the least my best buddy and big bro NADEEM JAFRI.

Faisal bacha and tahir bhai XRT entry @ the event
Faisal bhai's Evo 8, Abi's Integra type R, Yahya bhai' Evo 7 , Fahad bhai' Supra 7 and our 4efte Starlet.

Faisal Bacha Drifting in his Supra....

Evo fun
Faisal bacha and yahya bhai playing around. 4am in the morning.