faisal bacha supra

Promo shot for Just Drive show , soon to be aired on ARY

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Faraz civic at hamara karachi race competition
the fatstest civic on the event organised by hamara karachi by CDGK....

Car show peshawar Adils supra
It was the car show at peshawar when this 667 RWHP(arnd 750 at the crank)supra went wild...Its Dynoed at HPR islamabad....This crazy car has killed many high powered cars in its way... Its using a GT72r....The only problem its facing is the traction issues because of the poor street road conditions of paki...there are no drag strips here !!

NK Skyline GT-R 34 Powered by Nsimo [KARACHI]
[NK] Nadeem Khan Skyline GT-R @ Karachi.... and NK Car Collection...

Majid's Supra vs Adil's Hatchback Civic
Adil's hatchback civic beats the mighty Supra in a quarter mile drag!!!