Lingenfelter ZR1 zero traction.

A badass ZR1 tuned by Lingenfelter have traction issues at the drag strip with One Lap of America.

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Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Corvette.
This beast of a design from Lingenfelter puts to extremely large turbos under the hood. The is a beast!

Lingenfelter ZR1 road acceleration
Lingenfelter ZR1 road acceleration

750hp ZR1 Corvette
Lethal Racing built Corvette ZR1 with Lingenfelter & Lethal Racing components...750hp

Lingenfelter Cam ZR1 ideling
LPE 710 power package + LPE CAM & Valve Springs + LPE Tuning. Akrapovic SS Axel Back Exhaust