GoPro Hero 2 Night Test:: 2012 Chevy Sonic

GoPro Hero 2 Night Test:: 2012 Chevy Sonic 720p x 30 fps Song: Autamata - What you all about?

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GoPro Hero 2 Night Test:: 2012 Chevy Sonic LT
Slows to normal speed at 0:30 mark ... Just a quick video of a new mounting point I wanted to try. First 30 seconds are 720p x 30fps and sped up about 400%. The REST is 1080p x 30fps. Just testing to see if there is any noticable different at night. Song: The Cool Offs - Satellite

2012 Sonic 2LT, Hatchback, Night View, O'Donnell Chevrolet, San Gabriel, CA 91776
A night view of the 2012 Sonic 2LT hatchback in "Silver Ice Metallic," 1.8 liter engine and 6-speed auto transmission. Congratulations to Antonio on this purchase! He was very excited to get into this new Sonic, the night we shot this video. We delivered it the same day he asked for it and it was a dealer trade to get him the right car. If you're looking for a new Chevy or a certain PreOwned car, please give us a call at 626-285-3600. Ask for Jason, Hugo or Ken, our dealer managers who will help you with their depth of experience. Thank you for viewing our videos and please check back frequently for more reviews.

2012 Chevy Sonic Sedan 1.8 - Driving & Launch
Hooked Up the GoPro inside the car and took the sonic out for a drive and did a few spirited launches with it. Thought i had a nice video made of it taking off and accelerating. But I guess i havent quite figured out how to use this dang thing yet so the audio will be a little weak in this video. Will be making a new one soon with a different setup to capture the sound better. Go To the 3:00 Mark to View the Launch...

Chevrolet Sonic Aveo 2011 1.2LT Night Drive
Chevrolet Sonic Aveo 2011 1.2LT Night Drive to the Shopping Mall Roermond NL