BMW 850 CSI vs Buick Century Gran Sport 1/4mile drag race

1994 BMW 850 CSI E31 5,6l V12 [14,1sec@163km/h] VS 7,6l V8 1973 Buick Century Gran Sport [12,2sec@?km/h] 1/4mile 402m drag race JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM:

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CL600 vs 850ci Drag race Topgear
I do not own any part of this video and this all belongs to BBC2 17 x 6

Bmw E31 850 Ci v12 Vs Bmw E39 M5 V8

BMW 850CSi 300km/h better quality
All credits goes to, and Mike. Possibly this is a better quality version than the others.

BMW E31 850 CSi vs BMW E92 M3 (2010.06.16)
Closed road. Mexico.