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DSM Face off gone bad

Cyndi broke another Transfer case of the line and Daren took the win!!


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12 29 09 Epoxy-Ing Da Case...
Brrrr.... COLD!!!!!

Last VR4 Built - Starter and Transfer Case Installation
The project is coming to a close for now. I left the Exhaust and half shaft off so everyone could see the progress on the transfer case, oil pan, and starter. I will install the Exhaust and button up the bottom of the engine bay before moving on to the top again. The next and probably last VR4 video will cover the top of the engine. P.S. Make sure you have the drive shaft installed in the transfer case before filling it.

ER 10 6@125 92 Talon TSI AWD Auto EVOIII 16g
Stock Auto trans with line pressure mod Stock 7.8:1 comp bottom end E85 fuel

Trans & Clutch 7 - AWD Fluids
EXPAND THE INFO SECTION. I made a video about changing gear oil in a manual transaxle. People were grateful for it, but the AWD guys wanted a video about how to do the transfer case and rear end service. Rightly so! I just had a great opportunity to do this, so I did it. There are people on-line who know their stuff, and at least twice as many who don't. Someone who said "I like this gear oil because it works better than anything else I've tried" might not have tried it all, might be talking about a brand new transmission, or one that's on its last legs. It's important to take their situation in context rather than any kind of omnipotent wisdom. There are people who have done research, there are those who have experience, and then there are those who have an opinion. It's important to differentiate whose advice you should be following. TeamRip Engineering has done more oil research, or at least provided more public lab info than any other source in the DSM community about what a DSM likes. Perhaps others have done that kind of work. Perhaps others have a history of rebuilding gearboxes after the wrong oils were used. I tend to listen to the transmission builders as they tend to give the best advice. Below are the links to a few reputable DSM transmission builders. Following that are some retail and speed shops that have good rapport with the racing community. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with my sources. TeamRip Engineering... Transfer case gear oils: http://www.teamrip.com/transfer_case_hypoid_gear_oil_recommendation_info.ht ml Rear end gear oils: http://www.teamrip.com/rear_axle_hypoid_gear_oil_recommendation_info.html Manual Transaxle gear oils: http://www.teamrip.com/manual_transmission_gear_oil_recommendation_info.htm l Oil Viscosity Chart: http://teamrip.com/viscosity_chart.html Sheptrans... http://sheptrans.com/faqs/index.htm ... I sure wish they would post more than that publicly. Jack's Transmissions... Oil Recommendations: http://www.jackstransmissions.com/pages/oil EVO Guys... READ THIS: http://www.jackstransmissions.com/pages/t-case-filling Roadrace Engineering... Fluids page: http://www.roadraceengineering.com/eclfluids.htm Where to buy... I discovered some oils are difficult to find vendors for. I was overjoyed to find I can get any fluid I want from anywhere in the world on Amazon.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1991 Ford Probe LS: 8.110 @ 166.000
Fred House, Engine: 2.3, Turbos: JS Single 76mm

1990 Ford Probe GT Turbo: 8.180 @ 169.000
Matt Faul, Engine: Toyota 2jzge Long block, Turbos: Borg Warner S480 Tires: 33x10.5W Rear M/T, 24x3.5 M/T Front

1996 Ford Probe GT Turbo: 8.746 @ 161.333
Lyle Poxx, Engine: Eslinger 2.3L Ford Block bored 0.080 over, Turbos: Presicion Single 80mm Tires: Goodyear slick 31x14.5

1993 Ford Probe GT: 10.717 @ 133.822
Dan Ciobanu, Engine: 2.5L V6, 24-valve DOHC, Supercharger: none Turbos: Garrett T04 60-1 stage3 Tires: Hoosier 26x9x15

1996 Ford Probe GT T3T4 Turbo: 12.643 @ 116.260
Sean, Engine: KLDE, Turbos: T3T4 Tires: Yokohamas avs es100

1997 Ford Probe GT: 12.965 @ 108.270
Dan Floto Jr, Engine: KL-03 2.5 V-6, Tires: Nitto 555r's

1990 Ford Probe GT: 13.230 @ 113.810
Nick Sgambelluri, Engine: Mazda FE-DOHC, Turbos: GT35r Tires: BFG G-Force t/a KDW II

1989 Ford Probe GT Turbo: 13.400 @ 113.600
Jerry Chase, Engine: 2.2 liter 12 valve SOHC, Turbos: T3 upgrade Tires: Kumho 711s

1993 Ford Probe GT: 13.550 @ 103.000
MikeB, Engine: KL-03 2.5L V6, Tires: nitto 555R

1991 Ford Probe GT Turbo: 13.624 @ 109.341
phillip, Turbos: t3/t4e 50t

1995 Ford Probe ZE: 13.950 @ 98.000
Michael Lyons, Engine: KLZE, Supercharger: NA Turbos: NA Tires: BF Goodwrench GForce TA's

1997 Ford Probe GT: 14.099 @ 97.690
Dan Floto Jr, Engine: KL-ZE JDM 2.5 Dohc V-6, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: Nitto 555r's

1993 Ford Probe GT: 14.214 @ 98.000
boner, Engine: 2.5 j-spec, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: Nitto 555

2005 Ford Econoline E 350 XL Ext. Custom Crew Van: 14.452 @ 96.100
Tim A., Engine: 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel, Turbos: Stock VGT Tires: 255/50R20 Hankook Ventus AS Front/ 275/55R20 Conti

2004 BMW 745Li : 14.500 @ 98.600
NA, Engine: 4.4 Liter V-8,

1989 Ford Probe : 14.636 @ 94.950
Brad Kasiske, Engine: 2.2L SOHC Turbo, Turbos: Stock IHI

1993 Ford Probe GT: 14.780 @ 92.020
MikeB, Engine: 2.5L KL03,

1993 Ford Probe GT: 14.807 @ 93.380
Keith Oefinger, Engine: 2.5l 24v Dohc V6 ( JDM version), Tires: stock 225/50/16

1994 Ford Probe gt: 14.854 @ 96.436
Colter Rugar, Engine: klo3-2.5 v6, Tires: bfg radials

1991 Ford Probe GT: 14.894 @ 93.330
Tony, Engine: F2T, Turbos: IHI vj11 Tires: 205/45-16 fuzion zri


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