DSM Face off gone bad

Cyndi broke another Transfer case of the line and Daren took the win!!

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My 2g DSM playing with some 'gangsta' Lambos (funny)
It really was funny.

2009 DSM Shootout 17th annual
2009 DSM Shootout compilation 17th annual

10sec Eagle Talon@ Pinks All Out
It ran a 10.6 the first run, the second run the timeboards where off and it seemed like a faster run

DSM talon broke down one too many times on me so I ran a bail spear through it
This was my 4th DSM. It didn't stay moving. I taught it a lesson and made my 5th talon watch. Too all the dumb people below making ignorant comments how I destroyed a "perfectly good DSM" You are all Fing morons. Not only did I part out everything in it for $7000 till it was NOTHING more then a shell, I then kept the shell around for over 2 years and offered to give it away for FREE and not of you whining little idiots got off your keyboards and came and got it. So shut it with the stupid comments. I've had/have 5 DSM's, don't lecture me like I don't know about them