Can a 4 cylinder beat a ZO6, you be the judge

My friends Dodge Shadow CSX Shelby against a bolt on ZO6. He has run mid 11's on race gas, but the track shut down the pumps this day. He had to turn the Boost down, and shutdown just past midway. It is a turbo 4 cylinder.

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Carroll Shelby interview 1986
Interview with Carroll shelby in 1986 at Willow Springs raceway

vnt shadow dodge
turbo dodge shelby small video but snowing so no race sound seems to be off around end due to conversion

Piece of Shit Races: '89 Ford Mustang vs. 91 Dodge Shadow
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Turbo 4-cylinder Mustang
Jon Huber's 1979 Mustang Gt turbo Reported to be the quickest street-driven 4-cyl RWD car in the world. Recorded by at World Ford Challenge 2007 at OReilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis, IN.