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Lions Drag Strip-Enhanced 1958 Home Movie

Vintage drag races. Lions drag strip 1958


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"Ingenuity In Action" - Part One Of Two Part Series Documentary On Drag Racing - Circa 1958
"Ingenuity In Action" - Part One Of Two Part Series Documentary On Drag Racing - Circa 1958

Lion's Class
In 2011, the Grand National Roadster Show had a unique line up of old time dragsters for those in attendance to view. Here are the cars set to slow jazz. Just a peaceful walk around these beasts from the past. Enjoy... Bill Pitts

Return to Lions Drag Strip Long Beach California 2008
This is the third year of featuring restored dragsters that have run the 1320' Lions Drag Strip in its hey day... This video, typical of going to a drag strip, despite John Ewald telling everyone to stand back, you never get to see much when they display cars this way. Typical of the drag strip, all the vehicles require too much support, they stand around the car and block the view.... At the CHRR in Bakersfield, the Cacklefest is blocked by a bunch of folks standing at the concrete wall on the track blocking the view to the grand stands as if the concrete barrier wasn't enough....I have been going to the drags since I was a youngster and it seems the problem is no one can stay seated for a run and your typical day at the drags to this day takes on a Jack in the Box atmosphere.... I guess that is the way it is.....Anyway, the City of Long Beach Chamber of Commerce puts on a nice event and I hope it continues into the future.

Old drag racing from late 1960s
Drag race video from Washington State in the late 1960s including Don Garlits Swamp Rat III and Jerry's Auto Supply Race Team and many others. Check out the blacked out coupe with Alfred E. Neuman(MAD Magazine mascot) on the grille!

Racing my mustang Lions Dragstrip Willmington (Long Beach) California 8mm film from 1967
Racing my Mustang at Lions dragstrip in Willmington (Long Beach) California in 1967. Taken with a 8mm film home movie camera. Pardon for the poor quality but it is enjoyable because of the vintage. No sound from a 8mm film camera back then.

Eagle Field Drag Racing May 21 2011
PrimerPodcast goes to FresNo County for some good times at the races... video and pictures of some of what we saw. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or visit www.primerpodcast.com

Old School Hall Bros Altered Roadster Ray Hall Drag Racing Videos
Various old 8mm clips of the Hall Bros. and others racing at Sacramento Raceway and Kingdon Drags in Lodi

vintage drag racing 1955 Mercury drag racer, "The Cheetah".wmv
Ron Ritters Cheetah was a constant winner at Great Lakes Dragaway from 1960 -1970. Was sold and lost for years. Mr. Ritter recovered car and discovered it was too far changed for him to mess with. He sold it to me and I plan on restoring it to as-raced condition. Mr Ritter had some awesome footage from 1969 or 70. Here it is. Sorry for the music.

Vic Hubbard Special at Fremont Drag Strip
Old school drag races at

Big Numbers - PART 2 of 2 (vintage drag racing film)
Thank you to a friend who saved it before the public library tossed it in the garbage. For my friends on www.moparts.com - enjoy! GM, Ford, Chrysler, love them all!

2012 Bakersfield March Meet -NE3 Second RD Lister Anzalone Harrison Nostalgia Drag Racing
Buy Drag Strip Riot Posters! http://www.maziracing.com/2004poster/index.htm March 1-4, 2012 Bakersfield March Meet; NE3 Second Round: Lindsey Lister gets solo round win when opponent Ernie McAllister breaks after burnout; Rich Harrison advances over Kurt Anderson; Ron Anzalone defeats Ryan Tietz; and John Cassie wins over a breaking-out Craig Wallace. 2012 Bakersfield March Meet. Nostalgia Drag Racing, Nostalgia Eliminator 3, Nitro Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Cars, Crash, Funny Car body explosion, Auto Club Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California. Brought to you by http://www.dragstripgirldesigns.com

60's Drag Racing
Gassers (I was really into the Willys coupes!), Early Funny Cars, some Stockers, Rails, and more, taken when I was just a kid. Most are from the NHRA Nationals in Indy, some from Great Lakes Dragway, and from US 131 in Martin, Michigan. The Hemi Under Glass is a hand-out, not an original photo.

Ingenuity In Action (1959) NHRA Hot Rod Film
Made for hot rod fans; explains how to prepare and enter a car show; also serves as an ethnographic account of the "nomadic tribe of hotrodders".

1960 - Drag Strip - Half Moon Bay, California
Half Moon Bay Drag Strip - 1959-1960 era

Speed & Chrome's, Eagle Field Drags DVD, 75 minutes
Order here, http://www.speednchrome.com/ and dont forget to follow us on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Speed-Chrome/215666089945?ref=tn_tnmn Dos Palos, California. Eagle Field is a WWII U.S. Army Air Corps training facility, or used to be during the war. Today there is a small museum and a few military vehicles around the property. There are also a few vintage airplanes as well as you can see from the cover of our new DVD. Three years ago Rocky Phillips had an idea, to bring together other like minded hot rodders and recreate what was the norm back in the 50's, racing on runways. Well, his idea spread like wild fire and now, three years later, thousands of people show up to race and watch what has become one of the most unique events in the world. The May event is spread over two days with the first day being called the Fresno Dragways and the second, Lions Drag Race. An homage if you will to those former tracks. What has been called an outlaw racing event because it is done on a non NHRA sanctioned track, has become the place to run your vintage hot rod, muscle car or nostalgia front engined dragster. Running on the 8th mile runway, remember it's a runway not a race track has its challenges but that's what makes it fun right? Our DVD covers both days of racing and has a running time of approximately seventy five minutes, that's over an hour of non-stop vintage racing action. For those of us who were not around in the 50's and early 60's to experience this first hand, this is the second best thing. This is a great opportunity to see, feel and smell the nitro, hi-octane fuel and burnt rubber in the air, at a truly historical location There is none like it in the world. Order yours today at www.speednchrome.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2006 Victory Kingpin : 11.631 @ 114.800
Larry Alvey, Engine: 110, Tires: Bridgestone Radials

2006 Subaru Forester XT: 11.639 @ 126.450
The Head, Engine: 2.5L - Darton sleeves, Turbos: Perrin GT35R Tires: Goodyear GS-D3 225/50-17

2005 Victory Kingpin Ness Kingpin: 11.826 @ 110.904
David G. Locke, Engine: 100,

2006 Subaru Forester XT: 11.890 @ 121.280
the head, Engine: 2.5L, Turbos: turbochargers.com Frank 50 Tires: Goodyear GS-D3 225/50-17

2006 Subaru Forester XT: 12.002 @ 114.430
the head, Turbos: Turbochargers.com Frank 50 Tires: Goodyear GS-D3

2006 Subaru Forester FXT: 12.230 @ 115.870
The Head, Turbos: Frank 50 Tires: Goodyear GS-D3 225/50-17

2006 Subaru Forester XT: 12.299 @ 112.660
The Head, Turbos: FP Green Tires: 225/50-17 GS-D3 Goodyears

2005 Victory Kingpin LX: 12.456 @ 108.000
Jim, Engine: 101 C.I.,

2006 Subaru Forester XT: 12.485 @ 111.760
the head, Engine: stock, Turbos: FP Green Tires: Michelin PS2 225/45-17

2007 Subaru Forester XT: 12.550 @ 112.610
Greg, Turbos: IHI vf34 Tires: Dunlop Star spec 245/45/17

2004 Subaru Forester XT: 12.657 @ 108.660
Vortmax, Engine: 2.5 H4, Turbos: VF39

2005 KTM 525 EXC: 12.810 @ 104.960
Sanga, Engine: 510cc stock motor, Supercharger: NO Turbos: NO Tires: Road tires

2007 Subaru Forester Sports XT: 12.982 @ 106.720
Greg, Engine: EJ255, Turbos: IHI VF34 Tires: Yokohama S-Drives 235/50/17

2007 Subaru Forester Sports XT: 13.065 @ 106.200
Greg, Engine: EJ255, Turbos: vf34 Tires: 225/55/17 Goodyear Assurance TT

2004 Subaru Forester XT: 13.088 @ 106.990
Jeff, Engine: EJ255, Turbos: VF30 Tires: 245/45-17 Falken FK-451

2004 Subaru Forester XT: 13.224 @ 106.150
Aleksey, Turbos: TD06H-16G turbo

2004 Subaru Forester XTi: 13.272 @ 103.790
Fong Vang, Engine: stock, Supercharger: -- Turbos: VF39 (stock sti) Tires: stock

2005 Subaru Forester XT: 13.367 @ 103.210
drvrswntd, Turbos: vf34 Tires: Toyo P4

2004 Subaru Forester XT: 13.445 @ 102.660
mo_boost, Engine: Stock 2.5L, Turbos: TD05-16G(Big) Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 225/50/17

2004 Subaru Forester XT: 13.787 @ 97.640
Peaty, Engine: 2.5L Turbo H4, Turbos: TDO4 (OEM) Tires: Falken Ziex ZE-512


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