MMSport LED Taillights - Lexus IS300

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IS300 JDM Power Folding Mirrors, LED Signals, Engine Start
I've been meaning to put together a video showing off the JDM mirrors that I finished installing. Since they are from Japan, I had to convert them from RHD to LHD by switching the bases. Mounting the mirrors was the easy part.... wiring was a nightmare. But it wasn't hard for me, pretty straightforward actually, just needed to put in several hours of work to rewire the car. The video shows the LEDs from all angles, and shows how they fold. PS the passenger side folds in even more, nearly touches the window. The mirror surfaces themselves are blue-tinted to reduce glare, and the mirrors are wide-angle blind spot eliminating. Definitely a nice upgrade all around, and it sure is unique! TapTurn is the signal relay flasher that gives me the strobing hazard lights, wig wag hazards, 1-touch signals, etc. You can check out one of my other videos to learn more about it. The tail lights were also just recently installed. They are now painted black inside, and you can see the new LED DRL strips that I added. A bit more hard to tell, but I also replaced all of the LEDs inside (for the brake light) so that their brightness and quality is hugely improved. You can watch the older Demo V.1 video to see the difference. Finally, the car actually has an Exhaust on it this time around lol. It's the cheap Manzo ebay Exhaust from Ebay for $200. But it's actually the only Exhaust I liked both the look and sound of, the price was just icing on the cake! The Dezod green headers and SRT intake are still in and working great. The sound isn't too loud, but definitely sounds refined and strong. Note that the car is still under construction, the head lights and lip kit are getting rebuilt. 2015 is gonna be exciting!!

Slammed L-Tuned IS300
My L-Tuned Lexus IS300 sitting at the perfect height on staggered black chrome Rays SS7 Campionato wheels (18 x 8.5 and 18 x 9.5) Too bad I'm tired of bottoming out on every large bump on the road....time to raise her back up! =( * Music is copyrighted to their respective owners

Advanced Keys IS300 Push Start System
Advanced Keys Push Start System + Keyless Entry System installed on my L-Tuned Lexus IS300!! If you do place an order, let them know that I referred you! =)

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