lj torana v8

some of the good cars i have owned over past 4 years,lc torana 308,lj torana 355, ima355-tuff73,hz prostreet,badrss vl,hsv,,disturbed -another way to die.............

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1972 LJ Torana V8
Introducing Luke's LJ Torana. This project has been special for Luke as it represents his first major project that he has undertaken. Possibly the first video where you get to see him...and hear him Enjoy!

Supercharged 202 LJ Torana
12 month summary of build progress.

Ls3 LJ torana
LJ torana 4 door we have done the tubs n diff conversion , inlarged the tunnel custom dash , resesed fire wall for the ls3, ls3 is runnin big cam head work . Arp head studs , Holley tunnel ram manifold , twin 600 hollers , we used a th350 with a 3800 stall, full spool with 4;3 gears( bad choice haha) keep a look out will be posting more vids of skid comp ect very soon

1000 HP Torana leaves the street up in smoke!
This Torana is an absolute BEAST! Watch it rape this street like it's nothing. BOOM.