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plymouth satellite '74

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1974 Satellite - 0675
Recorded on July 26, 2010

1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring 318 V8 5k Miles Tour
Excuse the erratic camera filming, I was in too much of a rush it seems. This car is especially nice because It has only 5,500 miles on it, and every single thing on this is original. I'm not a big car enthusiast, but I wanted to share this car to any car enthusiasts out there.

driving the 74 Satellite

1974 plymouth satellite
my 1974 plymouth satellite project got a 318 in it with 727 trans its all getting taken out and a 440 getting dropped in it with a 727 and down the road ill switch it to a 4 speed. if any one has any impute on what i should do to make it better or any ideas leave comments... if its a negative comment go fuck ur self