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this is junkyard i make om scale 1/43.

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Andy's Dioramas | Tennessee Crossroads
Joe Elmore introduces us to craftsman Andy Roderick of Portland, TN. He carries on a lifelong hobby of building 1/18th scale car shops, garages and service stations. Visit www.tennesseecrossroads.org for more information about this story and how your contributions to Nashville Public Television will keep this show on the air.

diorama 1/43 casse auto
Casse auto au 1/43ème vintage. longueur 2,50m. largeur 0,50m. durée de la réalisation, environ 250 heure. maison réalisée par mes soins également

Quick Diorama Asphalt Road Kit Usage Video
Quick Diorama Asphalt Road Kit Usage Video. Avairable to apply kit at Various Scale Model Diorama. also catch a rapid making speed & optain good diorama quality. 퀵디오라마 아스팔트 도로 풍경 키트 제작 방법 동영상입니다. 다양한 스케일에 적용이 가능하며 그대로 따라하시면 쉽게 빠르게 디오라마를 간단히 구성할 수 있습니다. 사용후에는 물로 손과 도구를 씻으세요. After used, Wash your hands & tools in Water.

Diorama demolitore 1/43 (2) le foto
diorama in lavorazione