4 DAD BD 10's on 2 Arc Audio KS 2500.1's in a Jetta Trunk-Cruisers Mobile Audio

Build done by James Halter(Owner of DAD) for Derrik. Very different and great looking design! She is not quite done yet.... gotta finish making her pretty :) Enjoy folks.....thing sounds GREAT! Box is 6.5 cubes net tuned to 32hz. Front stage build coming up soon!

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17 year old girl's system. 2 DAD BD 15's on 2600 watts!

Custom Jetta Trunk-Cruisers Mobile Audio-2 Arc Audio KS 2500.1's on 4 DAD BD 10's
Round 2! This go around James Fiberglassed a very nice trunk trim in Derrik's Jetta. Came out nice! Next step is fiberglassing the doors to make room for some nice speakers....stay tuned!

3 Digital Designs Z 15's on a Crossfire 8,000 in Brian's Ranger-LOUD and SEXY!
This is Brian from Audio Nerdz.......and this is his Ranger. 3 Z's getting NASTY! I think the truck does like a 162 or 163....i'm sure Brian will chime in......anyway enjoy some LOUD bass!

3 Pioneer 305 - BME Click
3 subs Pioneer 305 + Roadstar 1600D. 210A/h de baterias. Música: Lil Jon - BME Click