4 DAD BD 10's on 2 Arc Audio KS 2500.1's in a Jetta Trunk-Cruisers Mobile Audio

Build done by James Halter(Owner of DAD) for Derrik. Very different and great looking design! She is not quite done yet.... gotta finish making her pretty :) Enjoy folks.....thing sounds GREAT! Box is 6.5 cubes net tuned to 32hz. Front stage build coming up soon!

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17 year old girl's system. 2 DAD BD 15's on 2600 watts!

GUYS IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE OF MINE TO MEET KENDRICK ROGERS, OWNER OF INSOMNIA TODAY! GREAT GUY WITH AN ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL BUILD! NO VIDEO WILL EVER DO IT JUSTICE, YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE IT IN PERSON! HE SAID THERE IS MORE TO COME SO STAY TUNED! FOLLOW HIM ON INSTAGRAM HERE @BIGBRENHAM TELL HIM JP SENT YA! This build was done by Chris Pate at MobileToys Inc. in College Station, Texas. Check out my very own car audio brand I started here! High quality wire, fuses, fuse holders, ear buds and more! http://certifiedbasshead.com/ BE SURE TO LIKE, SHARE , COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO =D Follow me on facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/Thelifeofprice iNSTAGRAM- THELIFEOFPRICE https://www.down4sound.com www.twitter.com/THELIFEOFPRICE www.facebook.com/down4sound A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY YOUTUBE CONTRIBUTOR WILLIAM BERG!

3 Digital Designs Z 15's on a Crossfire 8,000 in Brian's Ranger-LOUD and SEXY!
This is Brian from Audio Nerdz.......and this is his Ranger. 3 Z's getting NASTY! I think the truck does like a 162 or 163....i'm sure Brian will chime in......anyway enjoy some LOUD bass!

3 Pioneer 305 - BME Click
3 subs Pioneer 305 + Roadstar 1600D. 210A/h de baterias. Música: Lil Jon - BME Click