'65 Pontiac Lemans dyno run

455 ci 535 hp 520 ft/lbs torque www.BraunsAutomotive.com

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1965 Pontiac GTO Black on Black 4 SPEED

1965 Pontiac LeMans 2 of 2
Stabbing a rebuilt 326 and transmission into a restored 1965 Pontiac LeMans. Tempers flare but all ends up well. A LeMans is basically a GTO without a $300 trim package from the factory. A huge portion of the LeMans that are restored, are converted to GTOs and a much greater cost. This greatly reduces the number of LeMans on the road today.

For sale: 1967 Pontiac LeMans
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65 Pontiac GTO idling
Hot Rod, GOAT, 60's, Liquid Black, Triple Black GTO