honda prelude 96 V.S. toyota celica 93 drag racing

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Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic
Drag-Racing Khabarovsk Kalinka 2008 stage 1 Панченко vs Фиактистов

B20 vtec EK Civic vs 92 prelude si
My civic vs my best friends all stock prelude at 60 roll. Civic mods: Stock B20 bottom with b16 head Full bolt ons Chipped an tuned by Gsr tranny Prelude mods: LOW mile H23 CAI with a header an muffler. His car is shockingly quick for an h23. As you can tell he pulls with me until he has to shift.

1993 Toyota Celica GT Autocross 180 spin
This was the 1st Run. The temp was 24 degrees Fahrenheit (-4) Celsius. Posted 56.7 sec + a few cones on the way :). My FTD was 49.3 sec clean (no cones harmed).

celica 93