Pulsar Stunt Guide - Wheelie

The basic wheelie involves lifting of the front wheel in the air while balancing on the rear wheel through controlled throttling and balance. This stunt is usually performed on level tracks.

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Pulsar Stunt Guide - Stoppie
The biker lifts the rear wheel of the bike in the air while keeping the front wheel stationed on the ground. Getting the rider's body in the dead center of the bike is crucial in performing the perfect stoppie

How To Learn Wheelie - 3 Easy Steps - Tutorial
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Pulsar Stunt Guide - Half Old School Wheelie
In this stunt, the rider balances by planting his right leg on the front footage while the other leg is raised above the pillion seat and presses firmly against the rear grab rail. And then there is the Wheelie!

Wheelie on pulsar rs200 slow motion