Aquila SR1 first test

The first 2 laps with the brand new Danish Aquila SR1 sports car.

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Aquila CR1 racing at Spa-Francorchamps
Aquila CR1 racing in the Dutch Super Car Challenge at Spa-Francorshamps October 3rd 2009. In the seat are former Le Mans driver Lars Erik Nielsen and Alex Frederichsen.

Aquila - End of an Eyrie (Series 2, Episode 5)
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Aquila CR1 Driver Thomas Mortensen at Ring Djursland
Thomas Mortensen driving at the final weekend of the Danish Special Saloon Car Challenge.

GP DK at Jyllandsringen Special Saloon Race 2
Onboard footage from the Aquila CR1 driven by Alex Frederichsen. Commentators Jens Winther jr. and Thomas Wulff.