Acura Integra type R Street Racing

Speeding down the block

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Turbo Integra vs the world
Summer 2012 of my Integra Build Benson B18B 84mm, Stock Crank Eagle rods / CP Pistons 9:1 GE headgaskets, ARP studs Stock PR4 LS head with crower 404's and springs/retainers STC 62mm Reaper hybrid turbo Go-autoworks ramhorn custom 3" downpipe/Exhaust PTE 1000's, walbro 400, E85 ACT XTG6 Clutch GSR gears w/ LS final OBX LSD Stock axles

Bad Ass Turbo Integra
A fast turbo'd integra street racing.

Integra Type R Vs CRX
Integra Type R DC2 vs non vtec 1.6 CRX. I'm writing this on here now cuz I see endless arguments about what lump in in the CRX. The CRX is stripped out which makes it keep up. There, now no more beef on this video!!!

Honda Integra Type R 230HP acceleration top speed km/h!!!
Honda Integra Type R 226,5HP@8495rpm/191,9Nm@7955rpm Weight 1030kgs 4th 5th gear from Y21 B16A2 Camera Panasonic Lumix FT1