Bmw X6 vs Porsche Cayenne Street Racing.mp4

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Drag racing a 2014 Porsche Cayenne turbo S at Raceway Park in Old Bridge Township Englishtown NJ USA on November 02, 2014.

2016 BMW X6 VS Porsche Cayenne - DESIGN
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Audi Q7 00:00 - 02:55 Bmw X6 02:55 - 6:51 I've made this video to you guys to decide which car has the most beautiful sound. My opinion about this: I will go for the Q7, because it is build for people that are most likely be around in big cars and have big long roads to go, business car and also with a nice brutal sound, wich it's real nice and breath taking car. BMW X6M also a nice car, but it has a slightly difference than the Audi Q7, first of all it seems small and the it has the look that only gives you fear. And I don't want that. Even though I would defiantly take a ride on that BEAST!

Porsche Cayenne vs Mazda 6 Street Race Funny ^^
Porsche Cayenne vs Mazda 6 Street Race Funny ^^