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Rod Shop Dodge Colt 8/12/2011

Rod Shop Dodge Colt doing some testing at Route 66 Dragway 8/12/2011.


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Beaver Springs Friday Flashback 2011
Vintage muscle from Beaver Springs Raceway

Rod Shop Dodge Colt 7/16/2011
Rod Shop Dodge Colt doing some testing at Byron Dragway 7/16/2011.

2011 Time Machine Nationals - 1979 AMC Concord Nostalgia Pro Stock - 9-4-11
an ex Wally Booth car running in nostalgia pro stock making a test run.

Outlaw Nostalgia Pro-Stock Series

Dyno pulls - Lee Sicilio's Hemi Daytona Landspeed car
Car holds a number of records in "Classic" category at Bonneville. Current engine is a 498 CID Ray Barton Hemi with FAST XFI injection. These are the last two pulls to verify AFR and ignition at 7000+rpm before heading to Bonneville later this year, trying for a record in the Production category. Although we were not logging horsepower on these loaded pulls (not important) - the engine made 930 hp on Barton's Superflow engine Dyno. Special thanks to import tuner Steve Kan, who allowed us to use his facility in Fort Worth!

Double H Drag Strip, Blue Ridge, Ga,, May 9, 1965
Film shot by Roy Smith of Ellijay, Ga., at the Southern World Series of Drag Racing, a three-day super stock and factory experimental meet that ran at Calhoun, Ga., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Blue Ridge, Ga. See the Strip Teaser Falcon, Rattlesnake Austin's Thunderbolt, Billy Jacobs' Kid Goat Dart, the Plymouths of Robert Nance, and Mr. 4-Speed, Herb McCandless, among others. See www.doublehdragstrip.com for more.

2011 Time Machine Nationals - Mateika's MotorCraft Thunderbird - 9-4-11
Don Mateika in an ex Bob Glidden car running as a nostalgia Pro Stock making a test run found FOR SALE on Racing Junk.com on 12-8-11

Trans & Clutch 7 - AWD Fluids
EXPAND THE INFO SECTION. I made a video about changing gear oil in a manual transaxle. People were grateful for it, but the AWD guys wanted a video about how to do the transfer case and rear end service. Rightly so! I just had a great opportunity to do this, so I did it. There are people on-line who know their stuff, and at least twice as many who don't. Someone who said "I like this gear oil because it works better than anything else I've tried" might not have tried it all, might be talking about a brand new transmission, or one that's on its last legs. It's important to take their situation in context rather than any kind of omnipotent wisdom. There are people who have done research, there are those who have experience, and then there are those who have an opinion. It's important to differentiate whose advice you should be following. TeamRip Engineering has done more oil research, or at least provided more public lab info than any other source in the DSM community about what a DSM likes. Perhaps others have done that kind of work. Perhaps others have a history of rebuilding gearboxes after the wrong oils were used. I tend to listen to the transmission builders as they tend to give the best advice. Below are the links to a few reputable DSM transmission builders. Following that are some retail and speed shops that have good rapport with the racing community. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible with my sources. TeamRip Engineering... Transfer case gear oils: http://www.teamrip.com/transfer_case_hypoid_gear_oil_recommendation_info.ht ml Rear end gear oils: http://www.teamrip.com/rear_axle_hypoid_gear_oil_recommendation_info.html Manual Transaxle gear oils: http://www.teamrip.com/manual_transmission_gear_oil_recommendation_info.htm l Oil Viscosity Chart: http://teamrip.com/viscosity_chart.html Sheptrans... http://sheptrans.com/faqs/index.htm ... I sure wish they would post more than that publicly. Jack's Transmissions... Oil Recommendations: http://www.jackstransmissions.com/pages/oil EVO Guys... READ THIS: http://www.jackstransmissions.com/pages/t-case-filling Roadrace Engineering... Fluids page: http://www.roadraceengineering.com/eclfluids.htm Where to buy... I discovered some oils are difficult to find vendors for. I was overjoyed to find I can get any fluid I want from anywhere in the world on Amazon.

drag racing crashes
Drag Racing crashes from all around the world, mainly NHRA, ANDRA, IHRA. Disclaimer: I do not own the music and picture used in this video. All credits belongs to their real owners. No copyright infringement intended. Intro music created and composed by "Nick Phoenix / Thomas Bergersen - Heart of Courage (Choir)-Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell" Music played by Charlie Parra del Riego, so check his channel out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdrKuOS3tBgI-kwq-QPkGtw

NSCB #3 - Warren Johnson Nostalgia Pro Stock 1974 Camaro - 6-18-11
A nostalgia Pro Stock replica of a famous race-car coming down the return road in front of the grandstands. Owned and driven by Bill Neri

Outlaw Nostalgia Pro-Stock Series

Nostalgia Pro Stocks
Nostalgia Pro Stocks at Cordova Dragway


75 PRO STOCK From Miami Hollywood Speedway
IHRA Pro Stock action from 1975. Bob Glidden, Gapp and Roush, Ronnie Sox, Dyno Don, Reid Whisnant, and others.

Grudge fest at the house of hook (62).MTS

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1974 Dodge Colt GT: 8.480 @ 164.170
Chuck O, Engine: 502 wedge, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: phoenix

1991 Dodge Colt : 10.550 @ 140.000
Brad Brooks, Engine: 4G63, Turbos: 67mm Tires: MH 25x8.7x15

1989 Dodge Colt 200 GT: 10.892 @ 141.200
steph, Engine: 2.0 dohc, Turbos: twin 14g

1974 Dodge Colt GT Turbo & Nitrous: 10.980 @ 122.340
cody bishop, Engine: 340, Turbos: yes Tires: cobra

1989 Dodge Colt GT: 12.945 @ 112.470
Justin Crisswell, Engine: 4G63, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: 16G w/ 6cm exhaust Tires: All Weather

1982 Mitsubishi Colt sedan : 15.251 @ 103.400
dennis m. diel, Engine: 4g63 NA from RVR, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: nankang

1994 Dodge Colt S: 18.530 @ 74.000
Chris, Engine: 1.5L I4, Tires: yokohama avid H4


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