My 2009 Yamaha V Max

A short video of my new 2009 Yamaha Vmax. Pure power. Insanity on two wheels. Absolutely amazing bike.

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2009 Yamaha VMAX VMX1700 Stock #9-1115 demo ride & walk around @ Diamond Motor Sports
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2009 Yamaha VMax with Gurued ECU and Holeshot 10" Comp 2 Exhaust
2009 Yamaha VMax Nash Flash - Tim Nash (VMax Guru) ECU flash Holeshot 10" Comp 2 Exhaust - Dale Walker Custom black paint - still need to have the new Exhaust blacked out A few other aftermarket bits and pieces This is after the bike was down for 3 months due to transmission failure because of some bad riding habits of mine. Did the work myself and really enjoyed learning so much about this awesome piece of machinery. This recording truly does not do justice to the sound of those pipes. They have an amazing low RPM rumble and just an ear splitting roar with just a slight twist of the wrist. It really sounds amazing! I love it! The camera really muffles the sound a LOT!

2009 Vmax sleepy ride through atlanta
I posted this video for fun, to show some people the 09 Vmax's capabilites. I wasnt pushing my limits, or the bikes, everything was running smooth. Some "morally superior" internet pussy's have been leaving cry baby comments about how wreckless I am....THEY CAN BLOW ME! You're welcome to leave comments, but if its negative feedback about how I ride, they arent going to make it to the page. NO ONE WAS HURT DURING THE FILMING OF THIS VIDEO, but a few children seem to have gotten their feelings hurt after the fact.

V-max 1700 Mega Max Exhaust
V-max 1700 with DAM Mega Max Exhausts. More info @