sonoma 0to100

sonoma 0to100 4.3 auto 4wheel drive 3.73 locker with miner mods g-meter said 0to60 7.6sec 1/8 in 9.98 and 1/4 in 16 flat

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mx6 v6 turbo 0to100 and the rest
mx6 v6 turbo 0to100 and the rest rpm is wrong

This is my project
GMC Sonoma 4.3 Vortec 1999

97 GMC Sonoma
little bit of fun today, no 4 wheel drive, he still owes 5800 bucks on it...

2) Cerwin Vega Strokers 12s off 3800w rms
This is my 1999 GMC Sonoma. It is bagged with 18/20 combo rims, flip out, PS2, complete system, painted interior, second battery, alarm, sound deadener, out-door speakers, and more. The roof flex is with 2 layers of sound deadener already on it. The camera distorts the sound and doesnt capture all the flexing.