sonoma 0to100

sonoma 0to100 4.3 auto 4wheel drive 3.73 locker with miner mods g-meter said 0to60 7.6sec 1/8 in 9.98 and 1/4 in 16 flat

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97 GMC Sonoma
little bit of fun today, no 4 wheel drive, he still owes 5800 bucks on it...

bagged 1995 s10 build up
bagged 1995 s10 build up

S-10 Blazer drive, part 1
My '92 S-10 Blazer on the road. Mods include: Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow muffler, aftermarket air filter with a homemade intake system, and 30x9.5R15 Goodyear MT/R's. Engine is a stock Vortec 4.3L L35 CPI with 211,000 miles.

astro doing some accelerating
My 99 Chevy Astro coming out of my neighbor and getting up to about 50mph...this was coming out of a turn so it was hard to get on the gas without spinning tires. more to come such as a 0-60 time