sonoma 0to100

sonoma 0to100 4.3 auto 4wheel drive 3.73 locker with miner mods g-meter said 0to60 7.6sec 1/8 in 9.98 and 1/4 in 16 flat

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99 sonoma L31 vortec 350 0-140
99 X-cab sonoma with a L31 vortec 350 swap 0 to about 140-141 mph. Stock motor with custom tune, ceramic headers, msd ignition, 3.42 gears with zexal posi and a 27" tall tire. Light launch with some pretty bad wheel hop.

supercharged s10 4.3

2001 GMC Jimmy w/intake 0-60
stock tune-only mod is intake

Stock GMC Syclone vs Modded Ford Lightning
THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES FOR FORD OWNERS THAT ARE INTENDED FOR A MATURE GM AUDIENCE. FORD VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Here are the stats for both trucks in case you don't know what google is... 1991 GMC Syclone 0-60 4.6sec 1/4mi 13.4sec 280hp 350lb tq 2001 Ford Lightning 0-60 5.8sec 1/4 13.9sec 380hp 450lb tq My Syclone is stock with the exception of a Walbro fuel pump. This race was on Mobil 91oct pump gas. Lightning owner claimed he had a pulley, Exhaust, and a chip.