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sonoma 0to100

sonoma 0to100 4.3 auto 4wheel drive 3.73 locker with miner mods g-meter said 0to60 7.6sec 1/8 in 9.98 and 1/4 in 16 flat


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mx6 v6 turbo 0to100 and the rest
mx6 v6 turbo 0to100 and the rest rpm is wrong

97 GMC Sonoma
little bit of fun today, no 4 wheel drive, he still owes 5800 bucks on it...

Chevrolet SS10 - S10 SS Vortec starts up - Inside cab
Chevrolet SS10/S10 SS Vortec starts up - Inside cab (Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil/Brasil)

Nelson Racing Engines-1073 hp 4.3L V6
This, is a vortec V6 from hell http://www.nelsonracingengines.com

2001 s10 acceleration
i wondered how slow my truck was, so i videotaped it on its way to 80... it has the infamous 2.2L in it...

9 second chevy s10 vs hayabusa
Click here if you want to get huge weekly paychecks: http://getweeklypaychecks.com/cp1.php?id=11920&campaign=go streetrace between a 9 second chevy and a hayabusa bike

1998 Chevy Blazer Burnout
This is a little burnout in the 1998 Blazer. This truck drives great with a stock motor and a couple of bolt ons. It also had a 3.73 gear and Eaton posi unit installed before this video.

GMC Sonoma vs Ford Ranger.3GP
This is a GMC Sonoma vs Ford Ranger losts control

Snow Fun Offroad GMC Sonoma ZR2
This is my 2002 GMC Sonoma ZR2 when I bought it. I wondered how well it worked in the snow. It gradually lost power since two years I have it. I didn't really notice that lost of power. And it gave me a DTC trouble code :P0101 Mass air flow. So i modified it by removing all the catalytic stuff, I put a Glasspack instead of the muffler and I put a O2 sensor simulator on the bank 1 sensor 2. Now it got a lot of power and sounds great!

1997 GMC Sonoma 4.3L Exhaust
Mods: Cold Air Intake, Flowmaster Exhaust, Throttlebody Spacer, Jet Stage 2 chip

RX-8 Data Logger
This guy is smooth! The G-force meter shows the theory behind Takumi's (for those of you who've seen Initial D) water cup which reflects the traction circle of your car (tires more specifically) and how you must stay as close as possible to the border of your traction circle to be quick. You also need a smooth transition of G-forces by blending them (especially when threshold braking or accelerating out of a corner in a high powered car)

2) Cerwin Vega Strokers 12s off 3800w rms
This is my 1999 GMC Sonoma. It is bagged with 18/20 combo rims, flip out, PS2, complete system, painted interior, second battery, alarm, sound deadener, out-door speakers, and more. The roof flex is with 2 layers of sound deadener already on it. The camera distorts the sound and doesnt capture all the flexing.

Chevy S10 - Straight Pipes Rev
Chevy S10 getting very loud. Gets some high RPMs. Straight pipes after the cat at 2.25 inches. No mufflers. The goal here is sheer unhindered volume. Sorry for the excessive wind noise, but this Chevy truck gets pretty loud for a little V6 4.3. * * Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!

GMC Sonoma Test Drive
Lets try this little truck out!

ZR2 with G80 locker test off road.
96 ZR2 highrider with the G80 stock locking rear differential.

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1995 GMC Sonoma SL RCSB: 10.858 @ 121.350
Brad Hatfield, Engine: 406 sbc, Tires: 325/50-15 MT Radials

1995 GMC Sonoma : 11.500 @ 115.000
Rey, Engine: Chevy 350ci, Tires: Mickey Thompson et

1998 GMC Sonoma : 12.590 @ 107.300
Troy, Engine: 4.3L, Tires: bfg comp tas

1998 GMC Sonoma ls: 12.670 @ 118.080
mike sincavage, Engine: 2.2,

1999 GMC Sonoma SLS Extended Cab Nitrous: 13.013 @ 101.810
Jason Gourlie, Engine: 4.3 L Vortec, Tires: ET Street Drag Radials

2000 GMC Sonoma LS ext. cab supercharged: 14.858 @ 91.820
walter sutherland, Engine: 4.3L vortec, Supercharger: powerdyne bd-600 Turbos: no

1998 GMC Sonoma : 14.960 @ 94.000
kyle niven, Engine: 4.3 v6, Tires: bfg comp t/a

1997 GMC Sonoma : 16.070 @ 86.000

2002 GMC Sonoma SLS CREW CAB: 16.583 @ 80.790
B, Engine: 4.3 V6, Tires: 235/75R15

1999 GMC Sonoma SLS: 16.676 @ 81.800
Bill, Engine: 4.3 Vortec,

1991 GMC Sonoma : 16.819 @ 81.246
Steven Garrard, Engine: pontiac 2.5 98 HP, Tires: 255/45/16 yokohama AVSsport

1998 GMC Sonoma SLS: 19.130 @ 71.900
Kenny Walker, Engine: 2.2L,


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