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Hoppe Industries Batwing Quadzilla Vanillazilla XLP Fairing Video Review

Kyle Bradshaw of www.CruiserCustomizing.com meets with Debbie from Hoppe Industries to talk about all of their Batwing Style Fairings. Hoppe is know for being the Industry Leader and the creator of the "Batwing Fairing" and they lead the market with their Quadzilla and Vanillazilla Fairings for all Metric and Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


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Bike into Bagger 2013 Buying Guide TOTW
This Bike into Bagger Buying Guide will outline the motorcycle industry's most popular products which will allow you to convert or transform your standard or naked into a fully functional "bagger." One of the best ways to know what you want "your bagger" to look like is to visit rallies, events, forums, and showrooms to see what style of fairing and saddlebags best suit the look and functionality you are striving to obtain with your bagger build. Luckily, the bagger segment is in full swing and there are hundreds of manufacturers offering fairings, brackets, windshields, saddlebags, audio systems,[CR1] and so much more! Stay tuned as we weed through the hundreds of items and bring you the good, better, and best in bagger options so you can be prepared to get your build on! Fairing Revolution Harley Davidson birthed the bagger in 1969 with the introduction of the fork mounted fairing option on their Electra Glide motorcycles. In the early 2000's the Street Glide and Road Glide began to gain popularity over the Dyna, Road King and Sportsters. It wasn't until 2005 or so that the fairing manufacturers began expanding their offerings from Harley only applications catering to the metric bikes. Hoppe and Dragonfly were leaders in the "bagger revolution" with the highest quality products. In 2010, Memphis Shades released their Batwing Fairing, which attached to their trigger lock mounting system and brought fairings to metric bikes for just about $500. Kuryakyn then released the Sportech line of fairings in the $700 price range. All of a sudden, fairings became obtainable for the average Joe, whether riding a Harley or a Metric motorcycle. Saddlebag Revolution Fitting saddlebags to any bike that does come with saddlebags can be a challenging venture. Finding the correct brackets, the right size bags, throw over, bolt-on, locking hard vs. soft... there is so much to think about and to factor into the equation. Today, we will boil these options down into a good, better best format you can easily follow! Good, Better &Best of Fairings at Cruiser Customizing Our "good" could be your "best"! The "good fairing" here is our most popular fairing and it works for just about every bike out there! It really is the most universal fit fairing with as many, if not more, features and accessories than the other fairings in our lineup. The "all inclusive" nature and hand craftsmanship of the Hoppe Fairing makes it the "best" in this guide. Good = Memphis Shades Batwing @ $560 Shell: $280 and made of black formed acrylic windshield material. Interior: Hollow that allows for use of a windshield bag. Mounting Kit: $145 Trigger Lock Mounting Kit for Quick Release removal Windshield: $75 and available from 5" to 12" and in various colors Trim: $60 and provides stylish custom look for fairing to windshield transition Audio: $400 Hogtunes offers a bolt in stereo kit Watch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kKOh5liA7s Better = Klock Werks Fairing @ $750 Shell: $650 to $750 Thermoformed crack resistant automotive polymers for perfect fit Interior: Same as above but textured and includes a glove box opening Mounting Kit: $80 Bolt-on model specific mounting kit Windshield: Included 3" black shield Trim: No Klock Werks option, but any FLT trim strips can be used Audio: $499 Made by Hogtunes and is available as an accessory Watch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGmiRxsXkcA Best = Hoppe Industries @ $800 (Vanillazilla) to $1800 Quazilla Shell: $800 to $1800 top quality hand-layed fiberglass Interior: Fiberglass and abs plastic and most are complete with speakers and stereo Mounting Kit: Included as they are all make / model specific. Windshield: Included 12" clear shield Trim: $89 - $125 - available but not a necessity. Audio: Most have built in audio systems Good, Better, Best of Saddlebags at Cruiser Customizing Saddlebags come in a multitude sizes, shapes and styles. This being a Bagger Guide, we will focus on the good, better, and best in the bolt-on / quick release category. Good = Saddlemen Custom Fit Cruisn' Slant Saddlebag w/ quick release @ $320 Saddlebag: $160 Synthetic saddlebag with a ridged hard back Quick Disconnect Kit: $105 Quarter turn locking fasteners for quick removal Brackets: $55 Universal Bag Support Better = Cycra Hardstreet Saddlebags w/ or w/o Brackets @ $429 to $799 Saddlebag: $499 Cycra ABS injection molded plastic for perfect fit and finish Best = Mustang Seats Hard Covered Saddlebags w/ Easy Brackets @ $915 Saddlebag: $760 Fiberglass saddlebag covered with matching Mustang Seat vinyl Easy Brackets: $155 Strongest and most effective quick release saddlebag bracket Best of the Best = Addition of the NEW Mustang Hard Covered Trunk @ $915 Trunk: $670 Fiberglass covered trunk with matching Mustang Seat vinyl Trunk Bracket: $225 Chrome brackets for mounting trunk to motorcycle Bolt Kit: $20 for mounting brackets to bike and trunk to brackets

Motorcycle Bike into Bagger TOTW Fairings Part 2 of 3
http://motorcycle-accessories.cruisercustomizing.com/search?w=Fairings+&asu g=&model_id=0&search2=Go Part 2 of a 3 part series: Bike into Bagger: Saddlebags In this tip three part tip, Kyle from www.cruisercustomizing.com will show how stock bikes can be turned into baggers complete with bags and a fairing. Part 2: Fairings - Learn how to put a bagger style fairing on your bike for under $500 with Memphis Shades Batwing, as well as how to step it up with the intermediate Sportech fairing by Kuryakyn, and finally... learn the endless options of the premiumKuryakyn Airmaster Fairing. Last Week: Part 1: Tip Introduction & Saddlebag Explanation. Kyle shows how you can put three different sets of quick detach saddlebags on your motorcycle form budget Saddleman to intermediate National Cycle, and then the premium Mustang covered hardbag set-up. Learn about these three options and then watch the three Saddlebag Installations. Budget: Saddleman Saddlebags with the Saddleman Quick Disconnect System Intermediate: National Cycle Cruise Liner Hard Saddlebags and cruiseliner mounts. Premium: Mustang Covered Hard Saddlebags mounted with Edge Brackets, Easy Brackets, or Saddleman Quick Disconnect Kit. This set-up is the perfect compliment to you Mustang Seat. Part 2: Fairings - Learn how to put a bagger style fairing on your bike for under $500 with Memphis Shades Batwing, as well as how to step it up with the intermediate Sportech fairing by Kuryakyn, and finally... learn the endless options of the premiumKuryakyn Airmaster Fairing. Next Week: Part 3: Bikes into Baggers: The Ultimate Transformation Watch these bikes be transformed over the next couple weeks... For just about $800 your bike can be transformed in just a matter of hours! Thank you for watching this Cruiser Customizing Tip of the Week. Until Next Week, Take Care & Ride Safe Kyle

TOTW HogTunes Batwing Fairing Audio System Installation
http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/motorcycle-guides/memphis-shades-batwing- fairing HogTunes for the Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing In this Tip of the Week, Kyle and Kelly of the Cruiser Customizing Community discuss, perform the istallation, and demonstrate the HogTunes Audio System for the Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing. Installation was simple, and will take the average motorcyclist 45 minues to 1.5 hours depending on skill and experience. Last year the least expensive set-up was the Sportech Fairing and Audo System at just over $1,100 but this year with the partnering of HogTunes and Memphis Shades, we have a system for less than $700. Thank you for watching this HogTunes Tip of the Week. Until Next Week, Take Care & Ride Safe. Kyle & Kelly aka: Manybikes & CruisersKelly

Install a Sissy Bar Backrest Set from Show Chrome Accessories
Kyle Bradshaw of www.CruiserCustomizing.com shows the video installation of a Show Chrome Accessories Sissy Bar Backrest. This installation was done on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom, but is very similar for all of the Metric Motorcycle in the Big Bike Parts line. Sissy bar backrest set comes complete with sissy bar, pad, and mounting hardware. Works with BBP-55-322 Luggage Rack (pictured but sold separately)

J&M ROKKER Series 500w 6-Speaker Install Harley StreetGlide
How to install the J&M ROKKER series 500w 6-speaker audio system on a 2011 Harley Street Glide. Installation of the 500w 4-channel J&M amplifier, ROKKER series 7.25" fairing speakers, ROKKER series 7.25" lower speakers, & ROKKER series 7.25" saddlebag speakers are all covered in this very informative video.

Create Missing Pieces on Cracked and Broken Street Bike Fairing
Demonstration on how to create missing pieces on motorcycle fairings using the PlastiFix kit from Urethane Supply Company. Plastic repair.

Quadzilla Fairing from Hoppe Industries - from J&P Cycles
Learn about the new Quadzilla Fairing from Hoppe Industries. This fairing includes four speakers, full feature deck and more.

Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe -- Converted for Touring in 3 minutes
Love to camp so here's how I make it happen with my 2009 Deluxe. Tent, sleeping bag are other things are easily taken along with a few easy steps.

How to fix motorcycle fairings.
Fixing abs plastic motorcycle fairings

My Harley Davidson Iron being stolen- security video
UPDATE: all info is here, including insurance info- added below also, yes I am a Pick Up Artist and I teach guys how to get chicks (best job ever!) http://bravopua.com/blog/ It was stolen Friday at 4am in Tempe Az in a pretty nice building, gated, security, and well lit corner under a camera A 2011 Harley Davidson Iron Sportster, stage 1ed it, 1200 motor upgrade, plunderdog saddlebags, Mustang seat, VH staggered pipes, chiped and tuned. Steering is locked that is why he is yanking it back and forth so much. Multiple clips I had to film if their monitor with me iPhone. No info yet, cops have his mountain bike and dusting for prints. Have insurance will find out how good. First motorcycle I've ever bought. Saved up for awhile. Wanted to ride forever. Paid cash. Trip to LA and down the coast to San Diego. And the good spots across Az. She will be missed. I hope the guy falls and gets paralyzed. UPDATE: posted as a comment but many miss, Progressive paid me full amount for bike, new replacement (I paid extra for great coverage) No idea how he started it or that the fork was so easy to break! UPDATE: UPDATE!!! got a check from Progressive $13,203.34 http://instagram.com/p/iwjc6lhZBe/ I was thinking I would be lucky to get 10G's for the bike, because it was used/depreciated. But because I paid extra for the better coverage (instead of like 180 a year I paid 624 a year) they covered total replacement with a NEW bike. So instead of them offering me what a 2011 used Iron was worth, they gave me what a new (and more expensive MSRP) 2014 Iron would cost. Since this was my first bike, I assumed I would have dropped it or laid it down...not that it would have been stolen. So I got the EXTRA coverage. I also didn't have the best health insurance then, so I paid extra for WAY more medical coverage. (a bike accident would be more serious and costly) Even though I paid cash for the bike, I had saved for a bit for it, I still opted to have great coverage. Glad I did. I didn't ride it for a few months after some back issues, and they even offered to lower the coverage for those months until I would ride it again. Rep said- no reason to have all that coverage if it is just parked. But I knew that if I wanted to hop on it, I wouldn't call them before to re-upgrade. So I left it alone- thank fuck I did. It was stolen from the spot it was parked in for those months. I had a 50 dollar deductible. I also am getting SOME of the $ back for the warranty I purchased...but only like 100-200 bucks. The upgrades= I had all done at the shop I bought it from, mostly when I first bought it. So just went back in there and had them reprint the paper work. I also had an aftermarket seat and saddlebags that I bought online, so was simple for me to find those in my inbox and just reprint (I always keep receipts) The best part of all of this- I was bouncing around the idea of trading it in for a different bike. My GF is looking for one and I was thinking of getting a bigger Harley or something sportier...but I knew I would lose my ass on selling it or trading it in. So even though some POS stole it...it works out pretty well for me!!! Now I got a big check to help me on my next purchase. :D

Harley Davidson Road King Windshield Stereo System
Twisted Audio Stereo System for HD Detachable Windshields ( Road King, Fat, Boy, Deluxe, Heritage) No need to drop 2K on a Fairing for your bike when you already have a spot to bolt on a stereo! ( And save about 1400-1500 bucks for other goodies like Wheels!) Shown on 07 Road King. In-Stock at hardbagger.com

How to Fix a Motorcycle Fairing for less than $10
Motorcycle Fairings are generally made of ABS plastic. So is standard ABS sewer pipe. Just like ABS pipe can be sealed together so can broken fairings. And the materials needed can be picked up at your local Lowes or Home Depot. Just use ABS cleaner to clear the crack/joint. Then apply the ABS cement. Let it bond together and you are good to go.

Quadzilla Fairing
Harley-Davidson Road King with a Quadzilla fairing and CD4000 deck.

Reckless fairing Polk 6x9 2006 Yamaha Road Star Midnight
Reckless fairing with Sony Xplode stero and Polk 6x9 marine speakers. Pre-installation on 2006 Yamaha Road Star Midnight Silverado

Electra Glide Ultra Classic Harley Davidson Maintenance Tip -- Fairing Removal
In this Harley Davidson Video, Bob gives maintenance tips for front fork adjustment, service, and maintenance. This is quite a long process, there are quite a few areas he covers in detail.

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