2005 Altima SE-R 6 Speed 0-100mph

Nismo Intake, Mossy Performance Cat-Back Exhaust, NWP VIAS Block Plate, Tein S-Tech's.

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Se-R Injen Test.
Couple of pulls, a flyby, and a strong endorsement for Amsoil products. Mods, Injen SP series CAI and nothing else. Maybe some OBX or Cattman headers in this SE-R's future. Leave a comment if you can keep from being a honda fanboy or dick in general.

2005 Nissan Altima SE-R for Sale
This is the first year Nissan made the SE-R Altima and the "Code Red" paint color was only available in the SE-R trim. The SE-R was made in 2005 and 2006 only. Very limited production. This car has a 3.5 liter V6 putting out 260hp and 251ft/lb. of torque. Zero to sixty time is 5.9 seconds. Original owner, 94k miles, $11,000 firm.

Atima SE-R VS 350Z - 1/4mile
SE-R: Cold Air (m/t) Z: headers, Exhaust, and cold air (a/t)

Difference between Altima 3.5SE and SE-R (Haters Episode: 1)
I was recently flamed on a Nisaan Altima SE-R Facebook page. I gave my opinion on my intake choice, and even shared an informative video I made but because I don't own an SE-R, the people on that site decided I didn't have a right to an opinion. Then proceeded to tell my how in-superior my car was to there's, When in reality there is not much difference between a Altima 3.5SE and an Altima SE-R. Except for the pompous attitudes of the drivers. Haha ENJOY!!!