Saturn SL1 Hits 200K Miles

My 1997 Saturn SL1 as the Odometer rolls over to 200,000 miles

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just a little video i made of my recent project

My 1995 Saturn SL1 rolling over 250,000 miles. (1 of 2)
I have never done a THING to the engine except oil changes and spark plugs. 100% original motor. Original radiator/cooling hoses/hi-beam bulbs/AC system - still blows ice cold! I get over 40 MPG to each tank, and I tow ATV's with it... it's been a great car!! I'll post again when she rolls over 300,000!!! :)

Turbocharged Saturn SL2
A turbocharged 1992 Saturn SL2 Only 9PSI. Note: I had 4 people in the car during this video. car is sold.

COLD STARTS!!! -14.5 degrees! 1995 Saturn SL1 and 2000 Toyota Camry - High Mileage.
Two very high mileage cars getting started during -14.5 degree temps. 1995 Saturn SL1, 254,000 miles, and 2000 Toyota Camry, 178,000 miles. Derry, NH.