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Saturn SL1 Hits 200K Miles

My 1997 Saturn SL1 as the Odometer rolls over to 200,000 miles


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Paul's '99 Saturn SL2 Homecoming Edition Turbo
If you want more info on the song that's used in the video: ♫ K100 - Riot http://youtube.com/watch?v=4ZHTb5RxQZo http://facebook.com/k100music http://youtube.com/k100music Where can you get the song? ► Official Download: https://soundcloud.com/k100/k100-riot-master ► RoyalTrax Backup: http://royaltrax.com/k100-riot/ Please support the artist by visiting one of his social media sites that is listed above. You can also follow us at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originalfeatures1 Google+: https://plus.google.com/103984565402687054693/posts

Saturn S series Heater Hose Clamp Location
Saturn S series Heater Hose Clamp Location

MY Saturn S-Series, 3 Doors 2001 de coupe

Low Side Suction hose replacement on a Saturn S-Series Air Conditioner
Low Side Suction hose replacement. Follow-up here: http://youtu.be/JQMcvWwo-3U (also check the video responses) 10:38 -- the O-ring on the compressor is called a slim line seal washer. You only use suction side slim line seal washers as a replacement. Additionally, there is a separate part number if you're attempting this repair on a 1999-2002 S-series... this is it: 21031289 11:10 -- Obviously you would want to re-attach your air intake tubing, air resonator, and air box/filter before taking off... To clear some misinformation: some home A/C units in fact DON'T use R-134a... the newest one I bought uses R-410a... however the fridge DOES use R-134a. ***TOOLS NEEDED*** * 1/4" drive ratchet * vice grips * 10mm sockets (regular and deep well) * 3" extension * R-12 mineral oil (for lubing the new O-ring on the thermal expansion valve side; FJC part #2468 works well for this) * rolled napkins/rags to plug the holes where the hose fits onto until you get the new hose prepped and screwed in ***Mechanic's Safety/Troubleshooting tips when working on the A/C system*** 1. A good majority (about 98-99%) of A/C malfunctions/gremlins are related to a leak or multiple leaks in the system. Unlike your home A/C unit, refridgerator, etc an automotive A/C system is always put to the hard test, every day. Conditions include but are not limited to: collision damage, vibrations, road noise, underhood temperatures that constantly change like Owe-Higho weather, etc. Over the years these and other conditions cause your parts to wear out, which means the proper parts will have to be replaced in order to restore your A/C functionality. 2. Always have a professional technician service/diagnose your A/C system. The techs have the know-how, tools, and machines to properly diagnose/service your A/C system, including but not limited to: System evacuation, vacuum holding, pressure testing, leak detection, and if everything's good to go, a recharge. HOWEVER, you can save some diagnostic time by looking for evidence of leaks. Usually, traces of UV dye and/or refridgerant oil will be left where the leak(s) happened. Start at the compressor, then the condenser, hoses, lines, receiver/dryer, thermal expansion valve, oriface tubes, etc. 3. ALWAYS work on a discharged system. Refridgerant is cold to the touch and can cause personal injury. If you're dumb enough to put it in your face (or someone else's), you can put an eye out. 4. Work on a cold engine (think ambient air temperature). I'm sure you don't wanna get burned working in tight places, etc. 5. If you're working on multiple A/C parts, repair each part one at a time. Due to the way A/C flows and the design of parts, etc. this'll save confusion and tail chasing later on. Mixing parts and hoses can cause costly repairs later, if not an improperly working A/C system. Remember, Safety, Proper troubleshooting, Proper diagnosis, and doing the job right the first time are all #1.

Saturn vue 2002 3.0 v-6 Thermostat removal, Intake, valve cover gaskets and spark plugs
I couldn't find any 2002 3.0 v-6 Saturn Vue thermostat videos that were worth a crap so I decided to make one for all who needs help, This is a step by step procedure, from beginning to end. Thanks Chris Jackson Alot A Looks Restoration Whispering Pines NC

2001 Saturn SC 5spd Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour
In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 2001 Saturn SC 5 spd. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

Saturn S-series Thermostat Replacement 2
Saturn S-series Thermostat Replacement

Removing/Cleaning the ignition coils/module on a Saturn S-series.
Shows you how to remove and clean your ignition module/coils on the above mentioned vehicle. Especially helpful if you're getting missfire codes (P0300-P0304) or camshaft codes (P0340/P0340). http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/ http://www.facebook.com/groups/685328134817849/ -- Saturn S-series on Facebook

Saturn S-series Oil Change Tru Wheel Well(updated)
Saturn S-series Oil Change Tru Wheel Well with hand tools and vehicle jack.

00-02 Saturn S-Series headliner removal
In this video I show you how the headliner board is removed from a 2002 Saturn SL2. This is part of the process to either replace the fabric on the board or to work on the sunroof. I unfortunately did not record the replacement of the fabric because I butchered the install but there are many videos out there that will show you how. The Sunroof is a project come spring. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mechanic and the knowledge I have is purely from research into different problems I have been trying to resolve. As this is a major procedure for this vehicle, I will not be responsible for any damage or other mishaps that might occur should you decide to pursue the repair after viewing this video. This video is intended to be for informational purposes only.

Who races a saturn 4 door car?
My 1997 saturn SL1 converted. I took out the sohc and put in a dohc, header, 2 & 1/2" Exhaust with Dynomax muffler. High voltage MSD coils, 8.8 wires. It had a bored throttle body and true cold air intake. I installed an egr block off plate and I used fuel injectors from a Pontiac grand am gt. The transmission is the original 5 speed from the sohc setup which has lower gearing. The car was dropped a little by cutting the strut springs. The wheels are 16" aluminum. The guages were changed as well with the motor swap as can be seen at 4:57 in the vid, so the readings are accurate. Note how it pulls from 60 to 90mph. Pretty decent for a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder.

Turbocharged Saturn SL2
A turbocharged 1992 Saturn SL2 Only 9PSI. Note: I had 4 people in the car during this video. car is sold.

My 1995 Saturn SL1 rolling over 250,000 miles. (1 of 2)
I have never done a THING to the engine except oil changes and spark plugs. 100% original motor. Original radiator/cooling hoses/hi-beam bulbs/AC system - still blows ice cold! I get over 40 MPG to each tank, and I tow ATV's with it... it's been a great car!! I'll post again when she rolls over 300,000!!! :)

Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replaceme
This video chronicles the process of replacing a Line Pressure Control Solenoid (inside the valve body) on a 1999 Saturn SL1 A/t w/80k Miles. The symptoms were that the transmission was slamming into gear when shifting. The solenoid was purchased from the dealership.

Saturn SC1 Transmission Replace
Kyle's Saturn blew another transmission, to save a few hundred on an install, I did it for him.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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