Yamaha WR 450 F 2008 Akrapovic Racing

Sonido de Akrapovic Racing yamaha WR 450f 2008

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Arrancando la Yamaha WR450 2008.

WR450F - Stock vs GYTR FMF Powercore 4 Exhaust - Dave Rajvosa
A simple comparison between the stock and FMF pipe (with a little edit at the beginning). The FMF pipe is much louder in real life but there is still an obvious difference. Stay tuned for more vids which will be here soon!

WR 450 F 2008 - FMF powercore 4
Rev limiter!!!!!!!!! WR450F - 2008 Mods. - Grey Wire cut -Air Box Mod. -AIS removal kit -JD Jetting -YZ Throttle Stop -FMF powercore 4(Spark Arrestor still there)

2015 WR450F Motard Conversion in less than 5 minutes
Please consider supporting me at https://www.patreon.com/Dazthecowboy Step by step guide on how to convert your bike to motard. not as straightforward as you'd expect. Feel free to ask any questions and please don't forget to subscribe. Follow me on facebook for more behind the scenes pictures and video's along with other side projects. https://www.facebook.com/DazTheCowboy