Turbo Escort ZX2 versus Mustang GT

I bet he wasn't too happy about losing to an Escort. From what I can tell, the MGT has headers, Exhaust, and intake. The Escort ZX2 has stock engine (over 200,000 miles on it), Ebay turbo, Exhaust, light flywheel, and LSD. I think the best part is the loud burn-out he does while I just wait for him to stage.

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MONSTER TURBO 1200hp 1G Eagle Talon
One of the craziest AWD builds we've seen yet showed up at Street Car Takeover OKC and put on a show! Making it all the way to the finals, even while down on power, Darren Thomas made some badass passes in this 1G DESM, as deep as the 5.60's range in the 1/8 and the car typically is in the 5.40 E/T's. This car is no joke! We hope to see it back out again once the car is all sorted out!

Turbo ZX2 first start up.
First start up of my turbo zx2 with the stock tune.

Amish Cameraman in CRX B18C vs Escort ZX2
This is a video of My Girl and I showing 3 Amish Guys how we race. One of them is filming. This is the 1st time any of them have seen or riden in a hooked up ride. They were practically speechless. CRX mods include JDM B18C Motor, AEM Intake, UR Pulley, ACT 12 lb flywheel, exedy Clutch, Venom Fuel Pump, Thermal R&D Cat Back Exhaust with Race Cat, MSD Ignition, Progress Springs,Sway bars, Bushing kit. 17" Lightweight Wheels, Kumho Tires ZX2 Mods include Custom Bent 2.5" SS Cat Back Exhaust, Iceman Intake , K&N Air Filter and Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch. Has 18" Wheels w/ Kumho Tires Sorry for the Not so great Quality but this was taken from a non digital Video Camera so I just recorded it off my TV.

Ford ZX2 Top Speed
My 1999 Escort ZX2 25 to 123, all She Has Is An Intake.