97 Thunderbird 4.6 V8 Exhaust

97 T-bird Sport 4.6 Modular V8 stock Exhaust with Cherry Bomb glasspacks replacing the stock mufflers.

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ProDyno - ShadowDragon 97 Ford Thunderbird
Tuning a '97 Ford Thunderbird: 4.6L V8 with ALLEN SC and other upgrades ... 338 rwhp / 381 rwtq Pending upgrades: Larger injectors Larger fuel pump Larger MAF

1995 thunderbird dual exhaust / h- pipe
Not the greatest video but walk around after dual Exhaust and h-pipe installed. Forged rods, 12:1 CR hyperutectics, 38 cc Trickflow track heat heads, Comp Cams 278XE, Trickflow Track heat intake manifold, 30lbs FMS fuel injectors, 75mm bbk throttle body, FMS 90mm MAF, Custom made 3 1/2 " CAI, Trickflow underdrive pulleys, MSD Coil packs, FMS plug wires, Canton 8 QT Oil pan, MAC long tube headers and H-pipe, Flomaster 40's, Custom tune by Lonnie at Blue Oval Chips, T-45 5 speed trans, 3.73 rear end gear, fuel cell, 1/2" fuel line, 3/8 return line Aeromotive 750 fuel pump, Vogtland 1 1/2" lowering springs, .... Im sure there is some stuff that I have forgot here but thats the essentials.

1996 Ford Thunderbird 4.6L V8 - no mufflers
Decided to cut the mufflers and weld some tips on instead. Everything is stock except for the CAI. The rest of the Exhaust is all original including the three cats still up front.