97 Thunderbird 4.6 V8 Exhaust

97 T-bird Sport 4.6 Modular V8 stock Exhaust with Cherry Bomb glasspacks replacing the stock mufflers.

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Ford Thunderbird V8 4.6L Exhaust Rev and TakeOff Mustang
Only a few things done. All new piping underneath (Y-Pipe) with 1 chamber muffler up front, that leads into chrome tips. Removed 3rd cat and resonator. K&N intake. YES I know i put Mustang in the tittle... just did it for better search results u know how it is.....

Stage 2 4.6L 1997 Thunderbird LX
0:00 - 0:46: Startup and cold idle (external) 0:46 - 1:27: Warm idle, 3000 then 1800 RPM (external) 1:27 - 3:22: Freeway onramp, 70 MPH cruise and deceleration (internal) 3:22 - end: Warm idle, city cruise at 40 (internal) Video mostly to provide sound clips for those considering a similar setup. Driveability when this video was made was sub-par due to a very rough-cut tune being in place at the time. 1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6L SOHC with Modular Head Shop ported stage 2 PI heads and Bullet stage 2p cams. Mandrel Exhaust Systems 2.5" dual Exhaust with Magnaflow X-pipe and Dynomax Super turbo mufflers. 3500 stall torque converter and 3.73 gears. Dyno'd at over 300 BHP. Sound recorded with two Sennheiser MKH-20s.

1995 thunderbird dual exhaust / h- pipe
Not the greatest video but walk around after dual Exhaust and h-pipe installed. Forged rods, 12:1 CR hyperutectics, 38 cc Trickflow track heat heads, Comp Cams 278XE, Trickflow Track heat intake manifold, 30lbs FMS fuel injectors, 75mm bbk throttle body, FMS 90mm MAF, Custom made 3 1/2 " CAI, Trickflow underdrive pulleys, MSD Coil packs, FMS plug wires, Canton 8 QT Oil pan, MAC long tube headers and H-pipe, Flomaster 40's, Custom tune by Lonnie at Blue Oval Chips, T-45 5 speed trans, 3.73 rear end gear, fuel cell, 1/2" fuel line, 3/8 return line Aeromotive 750 fuel pump, Vogtland 1 1/2" lowering springs, .... Im sure there is some stuff that I have forgot here but thats the essentials.

88 Thunderbird TurboCoupe T-3 Turbo, Open Exhaust, Stinger FMIC
Here's a video of my 88 turboCoupe with open Exhaust. I just finished installing a T-3 with SVO compressor housing and 40Bob 3" outlet, Stinger's FMIC and a 65MM throttle body. Also installed is a gutted/ported upper intake along with a ported lower, ported E-6, mildly ported head and a Ranger roller. I still have to install the Megasquirt. I had to cut apart the downpipe and midpipe because I had to shorten it by about an inch. the 40Bob outlet sits back a little further than a stock outlet. I hope to get the Exhaust back together this weekend. I can't wait to try it.