Cobra VS gto VS Z06 & more

Bad Company Performance having some fun. Cobra VS GTO Z06 VS GTO Subaru VS 350Z VS GTO GTO VS GT Mustang

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Cammed GTO vs the World!!!!!
LS2 GTO with Kooks LTs, 232/234 Cam, Spec-3 and about 120lbs of weight reduction vs all of Dover's slowest street cars. Hall's 03 Cobra had an intake, 2.93 upper and still stock Exhaust. Black Bolt On Evo had downpipe, catback, intake, 24lbs of Boost turbo Civic had a B16, "Small turbo" set around 9-10lbs Boost Vortech 02 GT made 410rwhp, full Exhaust & 4.10s peaking @ 11lbs of Boost OneBad327, 86 Firebird with H/C/I 327 & Stalled 700R4.

06 GTO vs 03 Z06
06 GTO heads, headers, cam full Exhaust, fast 102, monster stage III, 475wrhp/430 tq 03 Z06 50th anniversery bone stock

GTO vs Cobra vs G8
My GTO vs my buddies Cobra and G8.

2009 MazdaSpeed 3 vs Silver Pontiac GTO 6.0
Mazda: Bolt-on's, Cobb Access Port, HKS SSQ, 20psi, no tune GTO-Cat and resonator delete Race filmed in Mexico