Volvo 850 t5 vs s70 t5M Street racing

850 t5 - 5-speed swap with Quaife LSD / Built Motor / Na Cam / turbo Tuner ECU / AVC-R EBC / Exhaust (Cam car) S70 t5 5-speed w LSD / 3" TBE / Speedtuning ECU 17psi

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Volvo S70 T5 vs. Infiniti G35
Pretty close races

Volvo 850 vs Nissan 370Z stoplight street race
Stoplight drag race. 370Z gets the jump...goes full throttle because he didn't like a Volvo wagon in front of him. I give chase and walk by him easily before slowing for my turn. :) Volvo: '96 850 turbo wagon, automagic, 19T compressor side on the original 15G frame, ARD tune, 3" Exhaust, big bore throttle body, ARD crank pulley. Nissan: Unknown. Appeared to be stock.

Overloaded Volvo 850, really mad car. Turbo Extreme
Over 300hp very heavily modded Volvo 850 T5. Airfilter by: BSR Sweden. TME sportExhaust. TME turbo DOWNPIPE. And lots of other kick ass goodies inside! This car is insane, crazy fast for any street race.

Volvo S70 2.5T vs BMW 325i E36
Volvo 2.5T - turbo 15T, custom IC, 395cc injectors, bigger fuel pomp, cold air intake, Sport 3" Custom Exhaust, Manual Boost Controler~ 240 HP BMW 325i Chip by Bagor