BMW 335is Cold Start

Cold start on our 2011 BMW 335is Coupe. Exhaust is coming out of the right pipe until warmup when the flapper valve opens and allows Exhaust out of both pipes, just after 1:00 minute. First couple of revs are to around 1000-1500 RPM, second is to around 3000 RPM, and the last one is to around 6500 RPM (normally a no-no on a cold engine but just for demo purposes). The much-talked about "burble" of the Exhaust is heard as the RPMs come down after a rev. The camera is a Canon point-and-shoot set on a collapsed tripod about 40" from the rear bumper.

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BMW 335is launch control
Just reached the Engine Break-in Period and going for my first launch control control test

BMW 335is, engine start, exhaust note, 0-60
In this video, I start with a southern california summer cold start at 9am in the morning. (90 degrees F) garage parked. show fuel consumption, 0-60 run, and a failed launch control!, let me know what Im doing wrong! be nice :) BTW this video was shot using a droid X, in my hand, so I know its shakey and video quality could be better!

Dinan 335is Free Flow Exhaust
2011 E92 335is with Dinan FMIC, Dinan Free Flow Exhaust, and Dinan Stage 3 Boost Upgrade (special ordered)

2013 BMW 335is GThaus Exhuast JB4 HRE WHEELS
SONG: LEO: B.M. Check out his new album "Just Leo" on iTunes and Spotify! Car is for sale! contact Fation @ 646.359.6655 Sitting on brand new (on the car for only a week) R101 HRE's Mod list as follows 2013 BMW 335IS E92 Manual ONLY 3600 production in the world $60,000 Won Hottest BMW third place in Hot Import Nights The Reunion Show Interior: Fox Red Leather/Carbon Fiber Pattern Trim Exterior Modification: HRE Race Wheel R101-$9,000 with Vredestein All season Tires $800 Brembo Brakes 6piston Front and Back $8,000 LTMW 1M Bumper $2300 BMW Performance Steering Wheel (Red Clock Ring/M color Stitching)$800 Duke Dynamics Carbon Fiber Vented Hood $3,500 Duke Dynamics Carbon Fiber Quad-Tips Diffuser $650 OEM M3 Mirrors Set with Carbon Fiber Cover $3050 Brand New SLEK Designs Front Lip (Not on the car) (Fit with LTMW 1M bumper) $1350 M3 style Front Fenders and Side skirts $900 Power Modification: Limited Slip Differential $3500 GThaus Racing Exhaust with Resonator Delete $2250 Burger Tuning JB4 G5 $480 Performance clutch $1300 ActiveAutowerk Downpipe $650 ActiveAutowerk Blow Off Valve $600 ActiveAutowerk Intercooler $ 600 K&N Racing Air Box Intake system $350 SpringBooster $300 Racing Performance Coils $1200 RPI Scoops $150