INSANELY Tuned E60 BMW M5-Accelerations, Revs, Startups and Walkarounds!!!

Like me on Facebook! For the music, please visit *Skip to 2:17 for the sound!* You may or may not remember/know of this video... Well, I bring you the sequel, featuring "Gunther" the BMW M5. After Gunther was vandalized, its owner decided not only to fix it, but to build on an already INCREDIBLE E60 Bimmer M5. He painted it white, threw on some new wheels (with deeper concave), touched some things up, and most noticeably added a fender flare, which adds a widebody style to the car. Needless to say, the mods are amazing and I hope you enjoy the video! Check out the website that this beast reps: P.S. There will be another video featuring this car sometime in the near future; a full on photoshoot with it ;) Shout out to its owner for driving it hard and the revs! Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE for more!!! Thanks for watching!!!

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BMW M5 INSANE Sound!!! Huge Accelerations and Revs!!!
Like me on Facebook! This is the best M5 I've ever seen, let alone recorded on camera. As the owner calls it, "Gunther," has some ridiculous modifications, many done to the engine, many done to the interior (racing seats, half roll cage, etc.), but the best mod was the Exhaust. The sound that goes with this car makes it seem so pissed off and angry. Awesome car, enjoy the video. Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks for watching!!!

I Bought a Broken 2006 BMW E60 M5 V10 for $7,200...2 Year Update!
I Bought a Broken 2006 BMW E60 M5 V10 for $7,200... 2 Year Update! A short walk through of what was done and total cost. Vehicle Purchase: $7,200 Used Motor from LKQ: $7400 Rebuild LKQ Motor: $3500 Sold Old Motor Parts: -10,855 Clean Title 2006 M5 Costed: $7,245...Not Bad I sold all the old motor parts on eBay and took about a 1.5 years to sell most of it. I parted out every engine component separately. Took me two days to strip and clean and 4 days to photograph and post it all. Bare Block - 1,600 Worn Crank - 400 Oil Pan - 400 Bank 2 Head - 800 Vanos Assembly Set with 4 New Solenoids installed by BMW- 1800 (Should of held on to these dohh!) High Pressure Vanos Pump Newly installed by BMW- 1800 Throttle Body - 300 Valve Cover - 100 Plumes - 250 7 Rods - 700 5 Pistons- 250 2x Idle Control Units - 800 2x Throttle Actuators - 1000 Low Pressure Oil Pump - 150 2x Ionic Modules - 200 Engine Harness - 150 Water Pump - 80 Thermostat & Housing - 75 Total of $10,855 Still have about $1,500 Remaining from the old motor left so once that sells It will bring me to a grand total of $12,355. Again I got lucky that the engine I bought was almost complete so that helped a bunch. Lots of guys just sell you a stripped long block. Check out what we do at Regards, Tomas : E60 M5 Body Kit + 20" W Work + HM Lip
E60 M5 Body Kit Material : Plastic (PP) - Front Bumper with projector fog lamp - Rear Bumper - Side Skirt - HM Style Front Lip

My BMW Indianapolis Red E60 M5 w/ blacked out headlights and Orion V2 AE
Just installed the Orion V2 AE on my headlights. While in the process, I blacked out the eyebrow portion, upgraded the LED with SMD. Blacked out the headlights and swapped the projector lens with clear ones.