The Tri-State Area is home to some of the most unique Honda's in the Game. Here we prove this fact with Billy Hoang's 2002 AP1 S2000. From it's Dark Amethyst Metallic Paint, Buddy Club Race Spec Coilovers with Umbrella Auto Design Variable Ride Height to it's Volk TE37 Setup, Big Garrett GTX3076r turbo with custom Powdercoating, Bright Red S2000 Interior with Kevlar Wrapped Recaro Pole Position Seats and Carbon Voltex Details. This S2000 will leave you starring for Days. Func-tionDesignsCo. Filmed - Canon Rebel XT2i | GOPRO HD Hero Music: Meek Mill Ft. Rick Ross - Work www.GoHday.com Instagram = instagram.com/OfficialHDAY Twitter = twitter.com/OfficialHDAY 2002 AP1 S2000 ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: Garrett GTX3076r .82 W/ TiAL V-Band Housing, 90 Degree welded Elbow TiAL 44 mm V-Band WG (7 PSI Spring) PFAB Equal Length V-Band Manifold PFAB 3" V-Band Downpipe PFAB V-Band Dump tube ACT Street Disc/Heavy Duty PP w/ OEM TOB and Fluids PFAB Intercooler Piping PFAB Stage 2 Intercooler PFAB Intake Pipe HKS SSQ BOV Matte Walbro 255 Ti Heat wrap, Blanket & Gold Reflective Sheet ARP Manifold Studs Custom twin resonated single 3" turbo back Exhaust IP EGR block off Bosch Injector Dynamics 1000cc W/ Clips New OEM Head bolts AP2 Retainers New OEM Valve Seals IP 3mm Head gasket ATP Stainless Steel Oil/Coolant lines Custom powder coated valve cover with (2) -10 AN bungs BRM Stainless Catch Can/Water Over flow with Black AN Fittings A/C relocation kit ARC aluminum radiator Custom aluminum radiator shroud Custom radiator cooling plate Dual SPAL 14" fans SOS hood dampers Alloy Craft heater valve relocate bracket ELECTRONICS: AEM EMS (U-series) AEM Serial Gauge x2 AEM Boost Control Solenoid Concealed Hi/Low Boost Toggle Switch (10/18psi) SOS 3 Bar Map Battery Relocation Kit (Fused, In trunk Yellow Top Optima) INTERIOR: Recaro Pole Position seats w/ kevlar wrapped shells ( driver and passenger ) Buddy Club low down seat rails ( driver and passenger ) Takata 4 point harnesses ( driver and passenger ) Cusco 6 point cage with welded harness bar Pioneer CD/USB head unit Viper 2 way pager alarm with remote start ARC shift knob SUSPENSION/WHEELS/BRAKES: Buddy Club Race Spec Coilovers with upgraded SWIFT springs Umbrella Auto Design variable ride height kit Volk Racing TE37 17x9 +22 all around Dunlop Direzza DZ101 235/40-17 ; 255/40-17 (Less than 3000 miles) Project Kic R40 Neo Chro lug nuts SWIFT front sway bar Spoon X-brace Project Mu 355mm front big brake kit BODY: Complete car was resprayed Dark Amethyst ( engine bay & door jambs etc. ) Widened OEM front fenders 1" Widened OEM rear quarter panels 1.5" OEM AP2 Front Bumper (Shaved emblem) OEM AP2 Front Lip Coast metal front splitter OEM Hardtop Quad projector headlight setup with hi/lo HIDs Voltex Type 2 carbon fiber wing Voltex carbon fiber rear diffuser MODIFICATIONS: Deleted Soft top Battery Relocation (Trunk) Fuse box Relocation (Fender) Air Pump removal Supra PCV

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Night of S2000 's - Turbo S2000 500 whp cruisin' & Buddies
#perftwo PerfectTwo A little video behind the scenes look of what goes on behind every photoshoot my friends and I go on. Just the usual nonsense in our s2000's, nothing too special. Funny how all my old high school buddies and I ended up grabbing s2's, we're not a "crew" or a "club" of any sort. Actually there are a few more that were away in school during this video still. FIlmed by David Tsai * sidenote I thought this video could just be titled - "how to be asian" A Few simple steps to acting really asian step: 1. Be asian 2. hang out with a bunch of asians 3. Drive asian cars 4. loiter in a parking lot 5. carry around a camera 6. Be loud 7. Have an obnoxious friend film and comment on activities. Mod list if anyone was curious Silverstone ap2 -Mugen CF hardtop - some sort of springs - Enkei RPF1's silver - Car now has a square offset, rear rims seen in video are now in front - AP2 Front lip - Greddy Single outlet Exhaust - some CF Rear Diffuser ( local SoCal vendor) - Side Diffusers - EZ Front lip (home depot) - Oem Deck / Trunk Spoiler Black AP1 - Full P Tuning turbo kit, extensive list - AEM EMS, gauges, the works . . . - ASM Front bumper with Molded front lilp - K Sport Coilovers - Advan RG2's Gold - Downforce Front 30mm Fenders - Downforce Rear Overfenders - Bride Gias II ( not too sure ? ) - CF VIS Spoon Hood - 12k HID's Green AP1 - F22c engine swap - custom Exhaust - Comptech icebox Intake - Custom Rollbar - Cusco Underbrace - Tein RA Coilovers - APR GTC 200 wing With 2 inch risers - Volk RE30 Club Sports - ASM front bumper - Custom Front Splitter - Spoon Rear Diffuser - Bride Vios III Low max - VIS CF Trunk - Tonneau Soft top cover - (Softtop Delete) - Spoon Hardtop (not shown obviously) Song Credit to Baauer - Rollup

Two of a Kind Honda S2000 Break Necks All day
A short feature on Dan and James's S2000's. Both S2k's are slammed,fitted, and top quality. Representing Level One out of Toronto Canada. Big Thanks to canibeat.com and the guys from Level One ! Music - Theophilus London - Big Spender.

Punoi's Valencia Orange S2000
Back in Novermber 2012, Punoi wanted to do a full makeover with his S2000; new paint, wheels, coilovers, and wire tuck. Having a talk with our friend Chris Morton, he decided to join in on the project. Then in mid December, the tear down began and there was no stopping. At the first location, the car was on jacks, wheels off, engine out, ripping pieces one by one. With Chris working on the body and Punoi doing the wire tuck and engine, there was not turning back. They had planned on finishing the car around March, but problems have occurred just like any other project cars. The car was relocated to another friend Justin Hardin's backyard where they had access to an air compressor and many hand tools. There Punoi and Chris had worked the next few months on it. Parts were breaking and being replaced. More money had to be saved and spent constantly on supplies. It was still winter so they worked outside in the freezing cold, day and night. Everyday that didn't rain, they would come straight to work from their 8-5 jobs along with weekends. Timing wasn't going so well because they wanted the car to be done for the first Import Alliance in 2013. But it was no where to be completed. Most of the time was spent on the fenders and quarter panels being customized to fit Punoi's new wheels. He had bought a set of Algernon Intellese in 18x9 -1 and 18x10 +2. Not your typical offset sizing for an S2000. A set of Nitto Neogens in 205/40 for the fronts and 225/40 for the rears were then mounted. With the new wheel setup being tested on the car, the fenders had to be pulled maybe 2 1/2 inches (possibly more) along with the quarter panels. Chris had done many things he had thought of from working at a body shop. Much bondo was applied to keep the parts looking straight and sharp again. In the mean time, Punoi is working on the engine bay figuring out where to relocate his wires, fuse box, etc and prepping the bay to be painted. In March, the bay was ready to be painted, but not in a booth. Punoi and Chris had rigged up their own booth in the backyard the car was sitting. With Chris being experience with painting, he sprayed the the bay its first taste of the color. The color Punoi had decided was Valencia Orange from a BMW. But that's not how he decided on the color. He first found it on instagram from a guy name Kraft on his Evo. Now that the bay is painted and out of the way, they got back to work. Chris is still tackling on the fenders and quarters while Punoi finished the tuck and installing all engine components. In April, the engine was back in with a couple idling problems but fixed shortly. For the next month, Chris continues with the fenders and finishes. On May 22, Punoi's S2000 took its for steps out of the backyard and on to the road on a rainy day looking very hagard with lots of bondo spots along with an AP2 front bumper and CR lip. To protect the bondo, they took the car to the closest car wash where they had the idea to something idiotic that they'd never have the chance to again, spray painting it green. At this point, we called it the John Deere stage. For the next 2 days, Punoi driven the S2000 around town, work, places he would go on a daily basis. Suddenly, a car backed into the passenger fender while he was at work. Since then, he was insured more money and spent it on a brand new set of fenders even though one was used. Chris asked his boss at the body shop to finish the car there and the boss agreed. So the car was back under construction in Illusions Body Shop in Bristol, TN for the rest of the summer. Punoi and Chris has worked their hardest to perfect the car. Came August 31, it was time for paint. Every part was taken off. The S2000 had doors off looking like a jeep wanting to go off roading. By the end of the day, all parts were painted by Chris and they were relieved from many months of hard work. The following week, everything was put back together and Punoi drove it home with its fresh paint and the biggest smile on his face. A month later, Punoi had installed a brand new set of D2 Racing coilovers to lower it and complete it all. These two have put so much work into this project. Shop may have done this in a month, but with just two guys with the help of a couple friends here and there, hand tools, worst working conditions, it's a big accomplishment for these guys. Follow us on Instagram @goonk @pvilaivanh @cmorton35 Flickr photo sets Finish - http://www.flickr.com/photos/goonkvilaivanh/sets/72157637385192155/ Build - http://www.flickr.com/photos/goonkvilaivanh/sets/72157633019404635/ Makeover mod list Full paint - Valencia Orange AP2 front bumper with CR lip Custom fenders and quarter panels Wire tuck D2 Racing coilovers Algeron Intellese 18x9 -1 and 18x10 +2 Nitto Neogen - 205/40 front, 225/40 rear Camera Canon T2i 18-55mm 28mm 35-80mm 11-16mm tokina 50mm Flycam Nano Song Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun - M83

Boost Films SFL - Abel's All Motor S2000 (Loud VTEC!)
(Best Seen in HD) Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boost-Films-South-Florida/311576302187441 Talk about LOUD VTEC!! Hear this thing roar up the power band as it puts down a stout 245hp all motor! Tuning done by Derf Tuning