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My car just dies while I am driving it
My car "stalls" while I am driving. It used to only happen when I was stopped at an idle, but now it has started to happen while driving. I drove the car about 40minutes. ran some errands then on the 40 minute drive back to my son's school the car stalled. It started back up and then stalled one more time. Started up and I was able to pick him up. This is the drive home after picking up my son. It is normallly about a 15 minute drive. *****The car "stalls" around minute 3 again at minute 9 and again between minute 11 and 12. I feel it happen, the RPM just drops. I does not exactly spudder, there is a little "kick/sputter" sometimes when it happens but it just coasts to a stop smoothly. The power steering and everything works untill I get to the side of the road and actually stop the car. When I try to start it again the first time it doesn't always start, but after waiting 30-60 seconds it usually starts up again. Sometimes it will just die right away other times not till I drive for a bit. This was only happening once in a while (3 times over 2 months) and only when stoped at a light or after parking. Now it has happened 3 times while driving in one week.

Daewoo - Half Pipe
Our brief for this job was to get the car to behave like a skateboard in a halfpipe.

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