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Doorslammer Crash at WSID - heavy hit!

Initially I was filming the Pac Performance MX6 in the video because it was running some numbers that day, but I had to switch cars when this Ford Probe Doorslammer lost control and hammered the wall at around half track. Thankfully the driver stepped out without a scratch.


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GETOFF Gets Them Out!
Maybe they should change the plates to GETMOUT.

HPKITS - Twin turbo Burnout
We don't see too many turbo burnout and after seeing this I reckon we ought to see a whole bunch more.

HOLDON Revs Long and Hard at UBC6
Ryan Pearson gives his blown Chevy-powered Holden Premier a solid thrashing at UBC6.

XR Falcon Wagon Goes Xtreme
This old ford Falcon wagon is a tough bit of gear.

Victor Bray Doorslammer Burnout at WSID
With Castrol and Victor Bray parting ways, bringing one of Australia's longest standing motorsports sponships to a close, it's only fitting that we run a burnout of the man himself in action, doing what he does best - frying tyres.

GHETTO Brings all the Boobies to the Yard
Something told me this girl was going to flash Ghetto at Motorfest, but she didn't end up getting them out. Bummer!

Drift Camaro - How To Enjoy a Blown Big Block Chev!
Half burnout - half drift session, this awesome display shows how much fun a blown big block Camaro can be. Peter Gray is the pilot and he's not shy in throwing the black beast around the old Springnats skid pan.

Wild 9sec Falcon has trouble going around corners
Now don't get me wrong, I love this car. I've been in this car doing insane speeds down the main straight at Eastern Creek, but it's not the best car to be fanging around corners. But it is wickedly quick in a straight line with genuine 9sec time slips. Not bad for a street driven car.

UNLOAD Goes Xtreme at DECA
Steve Loader goes for a massive high speed tip-in at Xtreme Powerfest and then sets fire to his VE Commodore. He recently sold this car as a complete package...

CRAZYE Torana - Breaks the wheelie bars
Filmed at Supernats in 2005, this Torana, blasts hard off the line but the wheelie bars let go and the driver gets more than he bargained for.

MADSS Makes Smoke On The Water
But no fire in the sky!

SCUD - Attack Of The Killer Datsun
Ben Simpson's Datsun is a beast and he was leaning on it pretty hard at UBC6.

SKDVAL Mopar with Holden Power
Not sure why they chose to drop a blown Holden in the front of this AP-5 Valiant, but they did...

Blown HQ Ute at Xtreme Powerfest
Nice clean sounding small block from Powerhouse Engines running at Xtreme Powerfest.

QUIET1 - King Of The Limiter
So much limiter.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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johnny, Engine: 340 mopar, Tires: hoosier

1971 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770: 12.209 @ 113.320
Mal, Engine: Gen 3 6.1 SRT HEMI, Tires: MT ET SR 255/60/15

1966 Chrysler Valiant vc/australian: 12.705 @ 107.010
steve, Engine: 318, Tires: 24/8.5

2003 Mercury Montego : 14.580 @ 95.930
Grimes, Engine: stock, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: original equip

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NA, Engine: V6: 264HP,

1969 Volkswagen Baywindow Type 2: 17.130 @ 76.400
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