62 ford falcon 393 stroker maiden voyage

first drive of my new 500hp ford 393

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500hp 62 ford falcon stroker 393 just got it running
I finally finished my 393 stroker project. this motor made a little over 500hp and 530ftlb

BAD A$$ Rusty Ford FALCON - Tulsa No Prep
Paul Witty in his bad ass 1960 Ford Falcon going rounds in Big Tire No Prep during the Tulsa Raceway Park Midnight Drags. This garage built hot rod features a 572ci Big Block Ford with a little whiff of Nitrous to help her clear her throat. Even the Chevy guys love this car! lol We should mention that this is also we have filmed 1/4 No Prep racing, thanks to Tulsa Raceway Park.

1962 FORD FALCON walk around #2

62 ford falcon 393 stroker first pass at 3/4 throttle at 6000ft elevation. (Albuquerque)
This pass taught me that 10.5 inch tires just don't hold that much HP. It was like driving on ice! I also needed to do a better burn out and let some pressure out of the slicks. It ran 1.7 to the 60ft