83 Hurst/Olds drag racing

83 Hurst/Olds with Olds 307.

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87 442 403 and 83 Hurst Olds 455 Drag Racing Classic G-Body Garage
My friends daughters 17 and 20 years old drag racing his Oldsmobiles.

Hurst Lightning Rods Triple Shifter Operation - 1984 Hurst/Olds
Just a quick take on the basic operation of a triple shifter. I got my thoughts mixed up explaining the shifting sequence(s), but hopefully it makes sense. At the time the car was produced "Hurst Lightning Rods" shifter package was presented exclusively in the 83' & 84' Hurst/Olds; however they can be retro fitted to other vehicles. I also did a rolling start (30mph) to 85+, and then a 0-60.

2011 Pure Stock Burnout Fest - Crowd Pleaser 2.0
The 1969 Hurst/Olds returns for a second edition "crowd pleaser" with a 1970 Camaro SS 396 at the 2011 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags. Both cars are factory stock, and melt some life off the polyglas tires.

1983 Hurst Oldsmobile
1983 Hurst Oldsmobile