Jetta 2.0 (auto) vs. Fox 1.6 (manual) race 2

Video 2. Again, I'm in the jetta and my friend in the fox.

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Jetta 2.0 (auto) vs. Fox 1.6 (manual) Race 3
Video 3. Again, the same race.

Jetta 2.0 (auto) vs. Fox 1.6 (manual)
Video 1. I'm the one in the jetta and a friend is in the fox.

93 Vw Fox and Speedbumps
Short vid of my Vw hitting speed bumps. These bumps are actually semi small. Basically same sounds she makes. Shes lowered by lack of suspension. Hacked, removed, all that. Shes my girl!

Fox 1.6 vs. Fox 1.6
A friend in a Fox racing againts another Fox.