Jetta 2.0 (auto) vs. Fox 1.6 (manual) race 2

Video 2. Again, I'm in the jetta and my friend in the fox.

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Jetta 2.0 (auto) vs. Fox 1.6 (manual) Race 3
Video 3. Again, the same race.

Fox 1.6 vs. Fox 1.6
A friend in a Fox racing againts another Fox.

Jetta 2.0 (auto) vs. Fox 1.6 (manual)
Another day, my friend is in the fox, i'm in the jetta

Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T Part 2
This car is quick, fun to drive, and looks good. I love driving this car. It's the best there can be. And the turbo is nice when you need that extra little speed. :)