Tuned AMG C63 vs 335i JB3+ Meth MT

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BMW 335i vs AUDI s5
carrera corta en la calle. Short race on the street

BMW E92 335i vs BMW E92 M3 (2010.06.16)

335i JB4 vs. 5.0 mustang vs. C63 AMG vs. e60 M5
335i-- JB4/ Dual Cone intake M5-Stock Mustang 5.0--Bolt on's C63 AMG- Stock 40 roll's in Mexico

Mercedes E55 AMG vs. BMW 335i Coupe
This is an interesting match up between a 2002 (W210) Mercedes E55 AMG and a BMW E92 335i coupe. Both cars have modifications, but the Mercedes has more serious additions. The BMW is chipped which does a lot for the car. The Mercedes engine sounds amazing. Both cars are automatic.