Datsun 100A runs after standing 27 years

Showing Datsun 100A starting, freed the clutch and all 4 wheels which had seized up. Then we towed it down the road to get some compression into it, then hooked up fresh petrol and a battery, and off she went.

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Datsun 100 A acceleration (Nissan Cherry 100 A)
Little bit tuned Datsun. 1400cc engine with dual carburator. Pure fun! Walk aroun and test drive.

Datsun 100 A
Datsun 100A LE-10 1.2L 2-ov sedan vm.1975

datsun 100a first start up after 10 years
LISÄÄ DATSUSTA, FORD, VOLVO mrana haki tuollaasen sopuhintaan tuosta parin kilsan päästä, korilla ei tee yhtää mitää enää mutta moottori on hyvässä kunnossa, laitellaan mranan kanavalle näistä autoista projektia jne tämä datsu varmaan toimii elinten luovuttajana, mranan autojahan nämä niin laitellaan sinne kanavalle sitten

Mowers from the dump, Webb and Suffolk Punch
The local dump has a shop that sells stuff that people bring in, I go once a week to see what goodies they have. On the same trip I got two 1970s bicycles and a couple of other bits and bobs. This Webb ran but conked out when hot. I had to clean and adjust the points then it was fine. I cleaned up the blade and adjusted it, and also had to repair the roller clutch and dismantle and grease the recoil ratchet. The Suffolk had poor compression and poor spark but also ran. Both were sold on. Created with the YouTube Video Editor (