Twin Turbo C5 ZO6 , Cammed / Nitrous C6 ZO6 , GT42-76 2JZ ZX300 Dyno.

3 sick cars at MC Performance Dyno.... Info on the vid

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Twin Turbo C5 Z06 Teaser Shakedown
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C5 Corvette STS Twin Turbo vs Supercharged Mustang

Callaway Corvette Twin Turbo, Z06 & Viper vs Turbo Integra Type R
This is not my Integra. I love Callaway TT Corvettes. Callaway Twin turbo, Z06, Viper, Integra turbo on the highway. If your comment contains profanity or will make us all dumber by reading it, the comment won't be posted.

2JZ Solstice new BC 272 Cams
2JZ Solstice with 272 Brian Crower (BC0302) cams. First startup.