DJ's (Atomic) 360 HP Turbocharged SVT Focus Watch as i squeel the tires up to 4th gear (1:38). The tires in the launch are broken loose until 4th gear :) Atomic's 360 HP turbocharged SVT Focus. Possibly the fastest SVT Focus in Canada? - 13 PSI - 10:1 Compression - GT25R-400 Ceramic ball bearing turbo - Much more...

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The Robot Program 028 - Microsoft Cognitive Vision
Join the Robot overlord DJ Sures and Professor E as they demonstrate how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Vision plugin with EZ-Builder and Revolution EZ-Robots. This episode teaches machine learning and artificial intelligence that you can follow along step-by-step. Using the Cognitive Vision plugin, your robot will describe what it sees in the camera view using one of the World's most advanced technologies. How accurate is it, you may ask? Well, watch and see! Robots used in this episide: EZ-Builder Software: More information on the Cognitive Vision plugin here: More episodes can be found here:

The Robot Program 006 - Introducing EZ-Builder
Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce EZ-Builder Robot Software by exploring options and describing features.

The Robot Program 027 - Microsoft Cognitive Emotion
Robot overlord DJ Sures and Professor E show you how to use Microsoft Cognitive Emotion. Your robot can tell if you're happy or sad! *Note: This plugin requires an internet connection while also connected to your laptop. View Episode 35 for more information. Additional details regarding the Microsoft Cognitive Emotion plugin can be found here:

The Robot Program 010 - AdventureBot Box Contents
Robot overlord DJ Sures and Professor E look show you what's inside Adventure Bot's Box. More episodes at