Scania V8 Sound 580 Sidepipe + BA GoProCam 720 HD Thate Motorsport

Scania V8 580 with Stainless Steel-Sidepipe and Rear Suspension fr. towing vehicle filmed with GoPro HD Cam and "Manfrotto"-Clamp. Scania V8 580 m. Sidepipe aus VA und HA-Aufhängung/ Zugmaschine aufgenommen mit GoPro HD Cam und "Manfrotto"-Klemmstativ.

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Scania M.P.-Trans 580 S-U-P-E-R V8 Sound
Scania 580 M.P.-Trans stukkie meerijden, bedankt chauffeur.

2017 New SCANIA S580 V8 Truck - Full Tour & Test Drive - Stavros969 4K
2017 New SCANIA S580 V8 Truck - Full Tour & Test Drive - Stavros969 I take a look around and drive the all new next generation Scania S580. With it's 16.4 litre V8 diesel engine and 580hp and plenty of torque 2950 Nm at 1000-1350 r/min. It's 12 speed opticruise gearbox now changes gears 45% quicker than before, and huge improvements in build quality. Scania has certainly spent a lot of time working on this new cab to ensure better visibility from the drivers seat. With narrower A-pillars and redesigned mirrors and a lower dashboard. Many thanks to T. Nolan & Sons Castleisland County Kerry IRL Phone: 066 714 1140 Thanks for watching YouTube: Stavros969 Music By: Jingle Punks - MK2 - Riot. YouTube Audio Library

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK AS WELL! earlier this week during my daly trucking job, i came by the Scania dealer in hoovliet-rotterdam. i saw thebrand net generation Scania standing tere. considering i needed to take my obligatory break ayway, so i stepped into the dealership asking if i could make a video of the truck, which theyagreed with. sorry if the video is a bit shaky. i only carry my camcorder with me during my job. enjoy! A special thanks to Scania dealer hoogvliet. Scania Nederland B.V. steenhouwerstraat 10, 3194 AG, Hoogvliet-Rotterdam. if you like this video, don't forget to hit that subscribe and thumbs up button!