Buick T-Type ride and boost launch

Grand national, turbo regal, T-Type, turbo buick, GNX, Boost Launch, turbo Buick, V6, quick Six

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450 hp Grand National
a 450 whp grand national makes a few pulls on the interstate and races a 2006 mazdaspeed6. make sure to subscribe for videos every week.

buick regal t type vs 1994 camaro z28.
buick regal grand national vs 1994 Camaro z28 with burnouts. Just haveing some fun on the back roads. If you like videos with cars and trucks jumppin mudding smashing burnout or just burning. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL.

Buick Regal T-Type Open Down Pipe
Little vid of my 1984 Buick Regal T-Type.

2015 392 SRT Charger VS 87 Buick Regal T-Type
My charger is stock going against a tunned T-Type Regal with wide Drag radials. Was a really close race. I am also still learning to properly drag.