One of the best last laps i've ever seen.

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WTCC 2014 - Round 01 Marrakech, Morocco - Race 1 [FULL/EN]
Watch out for spoilers in the comments. HD VERSION: - Qualifying: - Round 2: - Check out for many other racing series - Check out GermanRacing2011 for various racing gameplay videos such as rFactor/2,GP Bikes,Assetto Corsa,RaceRoom Racing Experience & much more!! - For high quality racing pictures visit (GermanRacing2011) Please, before you ask for something, check if the thing isn't already on my channel.In the future I won't reply to those anymore,that ask for something that has already been uploaded by me. - Info #1:If there are multiple races in a racing series and one of them isnt uploaded yet,just be patient.I will upload it asap. - Info #2: If I upload races commentated in another language,then it's because I couldnt find an English one yet (I don't like none English races too but I want to bring at least the footage (as soon as possible) to you guys).So I know that most guys want an English version and I'm really trying to find one.So you need patience once again as I'm going to upload it as soon as I get it in English.

rossi vs. Lorenzo 2009

VLN 9 Nissan GT-R Schulze Motorsport last two laps
VLN 9 Nissan GT-R Schulze Motorsport last two laps

1987 WTCC - RAC TT Silverstone.
The Silverstone TT round of the first World touring car series in 1987. And it rained!. This was a championship with a lot of potential, killed off by the CSi (FIA) when it looked like becoming a threat to the popularity of F1. It took a long time for touring car racing to recover after this..