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2013 Ram 1500 Media Drive, Off Road Ram launched the new 2013 1500 in Nashville, TN 08.07.12 Off road.

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Detailed Review: 2013 Ram 1500 on Everyman Driver
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NEW Push Start Keyless Go RAM Kit Pt.1: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
New Original OEM MOPAR PUSH Start KEYLESS GO kits for DODGE RAM TRUCKs 20213 2014 2015 2016 2017 For Purchase ty-kits/ Auto Tech Electronic Walton Guerrero 1903 W Calton Road Laredo, Texas 78041 Office 956-508-3450 Cell: 830-374-6845 Email: Paypal is or click Visit Our Website Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 56046956AG Part: Key Fob-Integrated Key Fob with remote start Replaces: 56046956AF Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 56046954AG Part: Key Fob-Integrated Key Fob with NO Remote Start Replaces: 56046954AF Manufacturer:Mopar Part Number:68159657AD Part:Transmitter Replaces:68159657AB, 68159657AC, 68159657AF, 68159657AH Part Notes:Ram 1500. With keyless go. With remote start. With air suspension. RFHub Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 68245480AD Part: Receiver-Hub with No Remote Start Replaces: 68245480AB, 68245480AC, 68245480AD Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 68245484AD Part: Receiver-Hub with Remote Start Replaces: 68245484AB, 68245484AC, 68245484AC Manufacturer:Mopar Part Number:68319677AD Part:Module-Hub for RAM 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 RAM 1500, 2500 Replaces: 68319677AC, 68319677AD Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 68245482AD Part: Receiver-Hub with Remote Start Replaces: 68245482AB, 68245482AC, 68245482AD Part Number: 68319680AB Part: Receiver-Hub Fobik Non proximity with Remote Start Replaces: 68319680AA 68319680AB Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 6CK46DX9AB Part: Switch-Ignition Proximity Replaces: 1UW38DX9AB, 1UW38DX9AC, 1UW38DX9AD, 6CK46DX9AA Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 68243303AB Part: PCM Replaces: 68243303AA Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 68155850AC Part: Handle-Exterior Door (R - Passenger) Replaces: 68155850AA, 68155850AB Manufacturer: Mopar Part Number: 68155851AC Part: Handle-Exterior Door (L - Driver) Replaces: 68155851AA, 68155851AB Part Number: 05026444AA Part: LF Antenna Passive (2) Part Number: 05026962AA Part: LF Antenna Passive (2) Part Number: 68072019AA Part: Passive Entry Antenna (1)